At A Glance

  • Age: 12 years, 10 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 55.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Welcome Max aka Jasper to the Ragom family. He is a Golden Retriever mix that is 8 months old. He is not neutered but will be before he gets adopted out. He is good with cats but one of our neighbor dogs made him angry for I don’t know what reason and he snapped at him but all the other dogs he has played with have been fine with him so we will get more info on that later. He is very rambunctious but after you exercise him he will get pooped out and flop down on the ground.

He is a very big chewer... he already chewed the plastic piece on the corner of my daughter's bed... he chewed one of her bobble head dog statue’s head off and the corner of one of our fancy tables. He would need a family that is very committed to exercising him and bringing him to obedience classes. He is a big lover though and loves to play, play, play.

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