At A Glance

  • Age: 19 years, 5 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 40.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Sponsored by:  Judith C.


Here is lovely, skinny Morgan.  She was found as a stray in a small town in South Dakota and landed in the local Humane Society.  We do not know any background on Morgan.  After she was brought into the HS, she was spayed and also had entropian surgery on her right eye.  She has recovered very well from the surgeries.

It was quite heartbreaking to see her in the shelter and so incredibly underweight.  The HS vet and RAGOM vet think she is about 10-15 lbs. underweight.  (She is 52 lbs.)  Of course, this is a very fixable condition.  I am thankful to the shelter for contacting me and getting this lovely girl into RAGOM.  Morgan is her name but of course, she does not know it...yet.  Once we picked her up, she rode fine on the way to the vet.  She has super great manners and behaved very well.  A guess would be that she has never been vetted or bathed.  According to the HS vet, she has had a few litters of puppies and it was evident that her uterus was infected and quite sore.  She is a very, very good girl.  She has taken all of this in stride.  It is amazing - just wonderful for a girl who must have been on her own for a long time (?), bred, not vetted, and given little (if any) food or attention.

So far, in the short time we have has this lovely, skinny, golden girl:

  • We are estimating that she is 4-6 years old.
  • She is obviously very underweight (needs steady diet, probably 3X a day for a while).
  • She is a dark red with nice feathers (once we get her diet going, she will be super).
  • She has a very nice head (even though she has stitches in her eye from the entropian surgery [eye lashes were curled into her eye] but that is heeling just fine).
  • She has a very gentle personality
  • Morgan has a ‘fixation’ (?) with cats.  She gets totally focused on them.  Not a huge prey drive, just ‘super interested’ in them.
  • She’s great with the rest of the pack (3 dogs)!
  • And Morgan is housetraining beautifully!  She enjoys the fenced-in yard; no accidents, and she is doing great with that.

She went on a couple walks (I use a harness) and she did very well.  There were some sniffs.  She was not scared or startled by anything and really enjoyed herself and the freedom of walking.  (Remember, she’s still learning her name!)

Morgan does quite well in her large black wire crate.  Once she is in, I think she is comfortable.  I have had her in and out of this, so she knows this crate is an OK thing.  I feel once she ‘knows’ her name, in and out will be easy.  She is in the crate while at work, in the kitchen where everyone is around watching ‘Animal Planet,’ and seems quite comfortable.

Morgan really wants to check out things in the house.  Not sure if she has ever been in one really.  The first short time here, she went right to the bathroom and to get the Kleenex out of the wastebasket from hunger.  She has not been interested in, nor chewed on, etc. anything else.  Again, she is focused on the cats.  She is great on the stairs and has no physical limitations or pain (which I have limited of course) at all.  Morgan LOVES attention!  She loves to wag her tail and just wants to be close to someone.

Morgan is an exceptional girl.  We can only imagine what she has been through.  She seems to have been starved of food, affection, and shelter (stinky!).  Even so, she’s doing great!  This is a little golden girl, out on her own, brought in by animal control, taken to a scary shelter, had surgery, went to a vet’s office, then to a foster home with 3 dogs and 3 cats!  It’s pretty incredible!  I am doing a longer ‘first’ update on this girl because she is just amazing and deserves so much credit for her short time with me as a foster.  THANK GOODNESS for RAGOM!

So here is one super, beautiful, skinny, loving golden girl! She is so much fun to photograph…and of course, to love and care for!

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