At A Glance

  • Age: 14 years, 4 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Please welcome Nala 12-196 to RAGOM. Nala was surrendered with her roommate Hemmy 12-197...

Nala appears to be a yellow lab-Chesapeake mix. She weighs in at 83lbs. She is around 15 lbs over her ideal weight. Other than weight, Nala is in very good health. She was brought up to date on vaccines and was negative for worms, heartworm and Lyme disease. Nala was spayed on 5/24/2012 so she is still recovering from that somewhat. Nala is totally housebroke. No accidents in the house. She does seem to be a picky eater. I think she may have been fed people food previously. I'm working on getting her to like good dog food.

Nala will pull when walked with a flat collar but walks great with a Gentle Leader. I'm working on building her strength and stamina. She tires easily now. As with most young dogs, Nala wants to be the center of attention and gets excited. Nala know basic commands of: sit, come, and lay down. She seems eager to learn new things. I'm working on shaking hands.

Nala was separated from Hemmy and other dogs for a day and did not do well. At this point, I think she needs another dog to show her the ropes. It would be nice to see Nala and Hemmy be adopted together but I think another dog near her age or older could do fine with her.

Nala does need work on manners of jumping up on people. She has put her paws on the kitchen counter but hasn't taken anything. Nala hasn't really learned to play with toys yet. I just learned she seems to know fetch with a large tennis ball. She has no inappropriate chewing. No interest in waste baskets either. Nala seems to be a pretty well behaved young dog that only needs minor work and exercise.

Here's a summary of Needs and Knowns for Nala 12-196:

  • Nala needs to be exercised and diet controlled
  • Nala knows basic commands
  • Nala hates crates and does great with free roam
  • Nala rides very well in cars
  • Nala gets along great with cats and other dogs

I've had Nala less than a week so there is much more to learn about this sweet dog.

If you think Nala 12-196 could fit in your heart and home please contact your placement adviser.

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