At A Glance

  • Age: 8 years, 3 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Patrick came to us on 08/25/14 and right away he was very friendly and a happy dog, not scared at all. His first night in the kennel was short lived and he quickly got his way and slept on the couch with Dad because he would not stop crying! The next night went much better and he only cried for a bit and then settled down and was quiet all night. Now when it is bedtime, he is more than ready to get into his kennel.

He has been a fast learner! Within the first week he easily learned sit, laydown and rollover. He now knows shake also! Potty training took a little time and we had to gate off part of the house so he had no places to go and hide his presents! Overall it did not take much more than a few weeks and he had going outside for the bathroom down. He will scratch or bark at the back door when he wants out now.

Patrick has been very good with our two children and they have been very good with him! He is a puppy and he still likes to jump up on people but the kids have been good about ignoring him when he does this and not encouraging him. The kids have also been very helpful in training him.

He does not seem to be scared of storms but he is a little nervous about the dreaded vacuum!

Patrick loves walks like any other dog and he only really pulls on the leash when he wants to smell something a little out of his reach. He seems to like car rides but has trouble getting comfortable unless it's a long trip. Every time you come to a stop sign he gets up and thinks it's time to get out.

Patrick likes to meet new people and is friendly towards them. He is protective of our house already. My brother in law, Tim, came over to let him out over lunch one day for us and Patrick was very unsure about him. Tim said the hair on Patrick’s neck was standing up and he was barking at him for a few minutes but finally with some talking and offering of toys he warmed up to him.

Patrick is fitting in very well with our family and has become accustomed to our schedule. He enjoys waking the kids up in the morning by jumping on their beds and giving them kisses and he likes taking naps on the couch on weekends with Dad. We are so happy that Patrick has become a part of our family and look forward to many great years with him! Thank you to everyone at RAGOM for all your help and support!

Thank you!

The H Family

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