Paul Buddy


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  • Age: 18 years, 2 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


4/12/06: Paul Buddy is now out of boarding at the vet and in fostercare in Hudson. This timid, wondering, slightly bewildered guy is a very sweet, laid back, big headed beautiful, mellow, deep red golden who is wondering why he is here. He rode well in the car resting in spite of the toys and rawhide up against his nose. He gave kisses to my husband outside on the deck and in the kitchen. When he felt trapped, he jumped on the storm door, but just to get out, then sat on the back steps. I attached a long line to him and he just laid on the steps watching the world go by, taking in the sights and smells. He rang the bells on the back door to go out after supper - (how the heck did he figure that out? I think he's either very smart or has had bells in his life before!!) He was neutered yesterday, but apparently is really, really missing his playmate (possibly littermate, Red Olson). The two of them (Red Olson and he) came in as strays, found roaming together and were taken in by a loving family who had kids and dogs of their own. Although they were wonderful house guests, they could not stay, so RAGOM was contacted.

In the few short hours we've had him, we know he has no dog or people aggression, having met dogs on the street and the vet office and our neighbors and their kids. The vet staff said he seemed depressed today and didn't want to eat, so we think he really misses his brother, and thought he would warm right up to resident dog, Mike. They sniffed each other, peed on the same bushes and trees, and laid down a few feet apart- I guess a friend has to earn that special place. He wasn't interested in dog food with yogurt or pork pieces or peanut butter, but after supper he had some beef (to take his pills) and seems to be perking up. Maybe tomorrow he'll be more of his happier self than today. This sweet boy brought me the leash (twice), chased a ball or two and looked with wonder and bewilderment at the water of the St. Croix River- what's up with that? He needs some reassurance and stability, and we intend to provide that here. He is presently asleep next to my chair. I know he's hoping to go back outside again, where he feels a little bit more oriented to sights and smells. More as we get to know this sweet, beautiful, somewhat shy guy. Who knows? Tomorrow he could be a totally different guy!!!

If you think you're a perfect home to help this sweet, sensitive guy become a fully integrated part of your family, fill out an application and apply for Paul Buddy. He looks like he has a LOT of POTENTIAL to be the best dog you've ever met!

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