At A Glance

  • Age: 19 years, 3 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 110.00 lbs
  • Location: Richfield, MN
  • Status: Deceased


Sponsored by: Karen E. Johnson

Peaches (nickname given to her by foster mom is: Ms. Peach Pie) has arrived in her foster home, and I cannot say enough good things about her!!  She is one happy girl!!  She reminds me of a little polar bear!!  She is about the sweetest golden retriever I have met.  She LOVES to give kisses and has the fastest tongue west of the Mississippi!! 

Peaches spent the first 7 years raising numerous litters of pups in a breeding facility.  She has since been "retired" as a momma, and is now looking to spend the rest of her days lounging around and enjoying lots of kisses and quality time with her forever humans. 

Peaches came to us covered in ticks, not up-to-date on her shots, not spayed, and REALLY needing a bath and a good brushing.  She is now fully vetted and has been spayed, microchipped, bathed, brushed (numerous times) and pampered.  She is on a weight loss program (not by her own choosing), as she came to us extremely overweight. The vet questioned us as to whether she was already spayed as she has never seen an intact female as overweight as Peaches.  Well, Peaches proved the vet wrong, because she indeed was an intact female when she first arrived with us and weighed in at a whopping 108 pounds.  I joke that I added a new coffee table to my house when Peaches arrived because she has very short legs and a wide top :)  Peaches is now down about 10 pounds (Go Foster Mom and Peaches!), and Ms. Peach Pie is not liking it one bit!!  She LOVES to go on walks so that is helping with the weight loss, but she does still LOVE her food.  Her future forever family needs to continue to exercise her to help get another 20-25 pounds off of her.  As the weight is coming off of her, she is able to move around a lot more and some "puppy playfulness" is coming out of her.  It is VERY cute to watch her personality emerge.

Peaches does have a long scar that runs from the top of her back and down to her belly.  The breeder said it was from some shots she received and the skin "split".  The scar is there, but has healed well and our vet says it is nothing to worry about. 

Peaches is such a delightful golden.  She is always happy and she gets along extremely well with our three resident dogs and absolutely adores children.  She has no resource guarding issues and has recently discovered the joys of playing with stuffed toys, playing with other dogs and chewing on rawhides.  All of these things have been new experiences for her.

There are really only two "negatives" about Peaches.   When Peaches came to us, the breeder told us that she has a thyroid problem.  Our vet confirmed that so she does take a daily dose of thyroid medication once a day (very cheap pills).  She takes these pills very willingly on top of her food in the mornings.  We also are still working on housetraining.

In thinking about what Peaches needs in a forever family, I would say:

*a fenced in yard
*another well socialized, confident dog in the household
*a warm bed
*lots of loving, cuddles and kisses. 

If you are looking for a wonderful dog, Peaches is your gal!!

Thank you!!!



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