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  • Age: 14 years, 2 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 80.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


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Introducing Penny 16-131.  Penny is a 6 y/o female Golden Retriever/Lab mix.  Penny was lovingly surrendered by her family with whom she lived all her life.  She is current on all her shots and preventative medications and is microchipped.  She will need to be spayed prior to adoption.  We decided to delay her spay surgery for a month so she can lose a few pounds.  She weighs in at a whopping 90 pounds and the vet would like her around 60!  She will also have a broken tooth removed so to make things easier for her during a longer surgery, we are working on getting her into shape! 

This means diet and exercise.  Daily games of ball and walks are part of her rehab program.  Penny is very strong and pulls hard with a flat collar on her walks.  We went to the tried and true Gentle Leader and she is a very different dog!  Those leaders are miraculous! She loves to chase tennis balls in the large fenced yard and is great at bringing them back to you but she needs some coaxing to give the ball back.


Penny spent her life as an outside dog and is thoroughly enjoying life as an indoor dog!  She is not completely housebroken.  We’ve had a few urine accidents in the house but no other accidents.  We are trying to learn her cues and she is starting to go to the door.  I’m very hopeful that in no time she will be housebroken.

Because she is not housetrained yet, she is crated when we are not home and at night.  She was never really crate trained, but adapted to the crate very well.  She will often times go in with the door open to take a nap.  She sleeps all night without a peep.  Once she is housetrained, she will get the run of the house.  She is not destructive and gets along famously with our two resident dogs- a 10 y/o female and a 12 y/o male.  She loves our male dog and copies his every move.  She reads his cues very well and respects his need for being in charge.


Because she is so attached to him, we hope that he can help her relax with car rides.  She is resistant to getting in the car.  Once in, she rides pretty well.  Our resident dogs love to go for rides and usually it is someplace fun, so maybe Penny will learn that getting in the car can lead to having fun and not just going to the vet. There is safety in numbers Penny-follow the lead from your foster siblings. 

She loves attention and affection.  She has the true Golden traits of carrying around stuffed animals, pawing at your hand for pets and looking at you with those big beautiful brown eyes like “Hey- pet me, I’m adorable.”


She has shown us so much in only a week.  The family she would thrive in is one that is committed to continued weight loss.  Penny would love a fenced yard where someone would play with her and take her for daily walks.  She has done amazing with the kids she has met- all have been over the age of 7, but her temperament would be fine with a younger child.  She doesn’t jump up so smaller children will do just fine.  Because she is so attached to the other dogs, she would love a home that has another dog.  Finally, she will need someone who is easily smitten with her lovely temperament and has an abundance of love to share with her.





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