Prince 17-071


Prince's ideal home is one that is quiet and where his humans are home most of the day. He loves to spend his day with his humans. Prince came into RAGOM when a good Samaritan noticed that he was living in a neglectful situation and not getting enough to eat. He has flourished in his foster home!

At a Glance #17-071

Golden Retriever 13 years old
Male 84 lbs

Available as of May 6, 2017
Fostered in Fargo, ND

Status: Adopt Me
Adoption fee: $175

Children ages 10+
Cannot live with other dogs
Not tested with cats
Physical fence required (no invisible fence)
Low energy
Children ages 10+
Cannot live with other dogs
Not tested with cats
Physical fence required (no invisible fence)
Low energy

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"Merry Christmas Prince!"
Marsha M
"I have enjoyed reading about your story and how well you're doing. I know there is a perfect family that just needs to find you!"
Marci L
"Hope you find a loving home. Gorgeous boy!"
Your RAGOM brother, Scout 14-406
Happy Spring! "Prince, I hope this helps you find a fur-ever home. You are a beautiful dog and I'm sure you have a beautiful soul. My RAGOM family has been amazing and you deserve that and so much more."
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Happy Spring! "We love you, buddy!"


Prince's ideal home is one that is quiet and where his humans are home most of the day. He loves to spend his day with his humans. Prince came into RAGOM when a good Samaritan noticed that he was living in a neglectful situation and not getting enough to eat. He has flourished in his foster home!


Friday, June 8, 2018

W​e are still taking Prince in for a deep ear cleaning every month and at his last visit the vet tech said Prince did WONDERFUL! He didn't show any stress (drooling, etc.) while having his ears cleaned. YAY!! We still do quick cleanings every other day at home and drops when needed. Poor guy has those yucky ears that some Goldens are known to have.

​I have noticed in the past few weeks that Prince gets somewhat confused doing certain things. I don't know if it is because he may be sleepy during those moments, stressed from outside noises, or we are seeing the first signs of dementia.

Another thing that has changed in Prince is his excitement to eat in the morning. He is either an early morning spunky dog wanting to eat or he wants to lounge and not eat till later in the morning. We will keep a close eye on him and watch how things progress. 

Prince loves his short car rides, short walks, mourning doves and rabbits, if he sees them. A robin or blackbird can be on the ground and it's like "those don't warrant my attention." But if it's a mourning dove, he wants it!

Prince wanting his bed bumper I made for him.
Here he is begging at supper time. This has become his usual place to lay while we eat.
It had been a very busy day and this ol' guy just didn't have enough energy to chew on his treat.
Prince and Foster Dad watching me in the yard.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Prince loves mud and a whole lot of it! He has such big paws and all that mud you see in the photo was hidden on the bottom of his feet. I saw clean feet when he came inside instead of muddy ones. Prince just loves to sniff in the garden for bunnies and looking for all the birds he sees playing in the dirt. 

Big news for this boy, he now likes to walk between our legs for back leg rubs. Most Goldens I know love those kind of rub downs, but Prince had a thing about being stepped over or walked too close to - that has since passed. His trust with us has grown so much that he feels safe enough now to walk between our legs for a good rub down.

More big news - Prince went to the groomer's and he did just fine. They took extra care to give him time to get used to his surroundings before grooming him. Only thing he was a stinker about was he wanted to lay down for his grooming vs standing up. That posed a challenge for the groomer, but she did a wonderful job. 

In just a few days Prince will have been with us for a year. Prince had his yearly check up, updates on his shots and weighed 84 pounds. Vet feels that is a good weight for Prince. His Lymes test came back with a faint positive for Lymes and Anaplasmosis, but Prince isn't showing symptoms so no treatment is needed. Prince will continue with his prescription dog food and ear cleanings at the vet clinic when needed.

We will celebrate his birthday this month and since his age is unknown, we won't celebrate age and he's fine with that. All he wants is the cake :-) 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

In my last update, I mentioned that Prince's walks had changed. He loved his morning walks, but evening walks he really wasn't up to taking. In the past few weeks he has decided that morning walks are something he really doesn't want to do either. He loves to go through the routine of 'going on a walk'. He lets you know 'hey where's my walk' and gets excited telling us 'it's time to go'. We will go through the process both morning and evening of getting ourselves bundled up, his leash on, tennis ball in mouth and head out the door.

He walks the distance of our garage, goes potty and then turns around and heads back into the house. Walk is complete, he's happy and we're happy that he's happy. For a while we thought he might be thinking that is all the further we wanted to go so we tried taking him down the driveway. Nope, he just wants to go to the end of the garage and back inside.

Prince has had a visit to the vet since his last update. We have noticed his panting has increased when active. There was thought there could be a heart problem, but it was decided that Prince is probably older than we had guessed. He could be 14 or 15 years old. Some days I can see him being close to that age (resting most of the day) and other days he is up and looking out the door all day long. What we do know is that Prince sets the pace as it should be. 

At his vet visit Prince weighed in at 83 pounds. He did lose a few pounds, which we expected because we've cut back a little on how much he's getting at each meal. We will continue to watch his weight as we don't want him to lose too much. 80 pounds, give or take a few either way is a good weight for him. Treats are not cut back. Life is short - treats are a must for him.

What hasn't changed is Prince still goes to the vet for ear cleanings once a month and sometimes twice a month. If you're interested in Prince you will need to budget for these visits along with his prescription dog food. Prince will decide if he will allow you to put drops in his ears - he will lift his lip, show some teeth and give a growl. Prince's ears will always be a problem for him. His left ear fills up quickly with wax and we want him to be able to hear and not have any nasty ear infections.

The lifting of lip, showing of teeth and giving a growl can also happen when brushing him. There is one brush he allows me to use. I can get a short period of brushing done till he says 'no more brushing'. He does not like brushing by his rear end, no feather brushing for him. He just doesn't like it and we accept that. 

There are many things we can do now that Prince doesn't feel he needs to get upset about. He's made great strides in trusting us, but that took a long time (months). One needs to know that Prince sets the rules and we follow and listen to what he is telling us. 

On to the good stuff :-) Prince had a wonderful Christmas. He loves presents!! Now he thinks all bags or boxes with paper are gifts to him. Christmas brought him toys, large Kong balls, bully sticks and yes old clothes. Prince loves his stash of clothes. I believe his favorite Christmas presents were the old t-shirts his Foster Brother gave him. 

Friday, December 22, 2017

Prince (Foster Mom and Foster Dad, too) send a BIG Thank-You to the person/family who donated a Christmas Bell in his name. This is a very special gift from your heart for the dogs that are cared for by RAGOM. Prince sends you Golden kisses! 

The new dog food we tried in hopes it might help his itching wasn't successful. Reason - he didn't like it and wouldn't eat it. He is now back on his other prescription food, doing his 'Happy Dance' again when it's time to eat and actually eating without a fuss. 

Since Prince's last update we went out walking in an area he has not been before. We were unsure how he would do, but he did okay. We avoided meeting other dogs as that scares him. Prince does much better walking in the woods vs out in open spaces. He's much more on guard when there is a lot of space around him. We kept the walk short as he's not a long distance walker. Once we got home he slept the day away. 

We have noticed that Prince is slowing down and his age is starting to show. He loves his morning walks! His evening walk is a different story. He gets very excited to go, but once out the door he makes the decision on if he really wants to go on his evening walk or not. Sometimes we can get him a few houses away from ours before he stops, turns around and walks us back home. Other times he will go potty in the rocks by our driveway and turn around and head back inside - he is a silly boy!!

Prince was into the vet today (12/20) to have his eyes checked, as they've been very weepy lately. All was okay, no debris in the eyes. He's still gaining weight and while the vet feels his 82+ pounds is still okay for him, we are going to decrease to maintain or even lose a few pounds. He is definitely not over weight; he had a lot of weight to gain when he came into our home and while we've been successful in that aspect, we don't want too much weight on him. 

We did learn why he has periods of ear scratching; scar tissue is thought to be the problem. We can finally see deep into his ear canals and there is scar tissue in both ears. We are going to cut out the allergy antihistamine for a while to see if his itching increases. Good way to tell if it's the scar tissue that is the problem or allergies. 

Prince wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Prince is doing better with his itchy ears and feet, but he is still itching. Even though he allows us to do a quick ear cleaning, he does need a full cleaning to keep them healthy, which means a vet visit once every month or so. He has gained more weight and is up to 79 pounds. The vet has decided to change Prince over to a corn free/less ingredient food in hopes it helps his itching and his ears. He is now on prescription Royal Canin Potato and Duck. 

Winter is Prince's favorite season. He instantly turned into a dawdler when outside, loves to explore and his prey drive increased. He caught a bird and was one happy bird dog!! When Prince dropped the bird from his mouth, the bird was still alive and Prince snuggled up next to it. I was able to give the bird its freedom outside. Happy dog, very happy bird and very happy Foster Mom!

Prince with the bird in his mouth and snuggling with the bird. 

Prince with his laundry stash. One pooped out dog after many trips up and down the stairs to gather his special 'prizes' from the basement.

​​Prince's perfect forever home -

  • No other dogs living in the home. He's afraid of them and wants to be a distance away from them. Prince will become agitated when he sees a dog coming in his direction while out on his walks. 
  • Family who is home more than not, works part time, retired or works from home.
  • Can provide for his prescription dog food and ear/allergy medications. Also able to take him to the vet for nail clippings and monthly ear cleanings.
  • Understanding and patient with him, knowing it will take a long time for Prince to learn to trust his new family members. Well worth the wait!! He's a silly, goofy and very loving boy! His family needs to understand that Prince was hurt in some way during his years prior to coming into RAGOM. For that reason, he takes longer to trust and can get a little growly to let you know he doesn't like something. 
  • Understanding and allowing him to carry clothes, towels and winter hats/mittens around the house and then lay them onto his bed. 
  • Because Prince lived a very sheltered life, new places cause him stress. An understanding of this will help him learn that 'new places' are fun.
  • Allowed on human bed and furniture. These are safe places for him when he's worried or concerned.
  • Physical fenced yard.
  • Taken on a morning and later evening walk. Prince is not a dog for long walks. A walk around the block 2 to 3 times a day is all that is needed.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

'Thank you' to Marsha M and Marci L for the Goldzilla Paw Print donation. I know Prince would have loved to have been there to thank you in person and give you lots of Princie kisses, but he's a shy kind of guy when it comes to being around large groups of dogs. Thank you both for thinking of Prince - he is such a sweet boy!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Prince continues to grow in our home, loves his walks and his riding in the car has gotten so much better. He does have his quirks and in this update I'd like to talk about some of those. 

In my first entry on Prince's webpage I mentioned that we (RAGOM and Foster) didn't know what his life was like prior to coming into RAGOM. We do know what his living conditions were like from the wonderful person who found him gated off in a room and called RAGOM. In that room he went potty and poop which tells us he was not let outside to do his duties. He also ate and slept in that room.

At night he was sent outside to run away. In knowing this, it lets us know why Prince prefers the safety of indoors. Prince is an indoor dog by nature, he finds his security inside the home and loves to watch the world go by out our front door. He is great at alerting me when a human or dog walks by. Prince will give a few 'woofs' and if I don't acknowledge his 'woof' he will come and get me so I will check out what he was 'woofing' at - ha!

There are times where he does like to be outside, but it's not for a long period of time. If we're sitting on the deck, he may lay out there with us, but after a while he wants to go inside. I leave our deck door open so he can lay by the door, which he does often or he'll go lay on the living room dog bed and look out the front door. This really is a puzzle of sorts since he loved being outside when he first arrived at our home and would lay out on the deck for long periods of time. I can only assume that he found his security outside till he learned that being in our home was safe - thus he found his 'safe spot indoors again'.

We have tried to get him to sit outside with us in the front of the house, but so far this has just confused him. Since our front yard is not fenced he needs to be on a long lead and he either thinks he's going on a walk or going for a ride in the car. If we sit down he'll just pick up his leash and walk himself to the front door. Prince is a silly boy!

Prince does not resource guard his food, treats or even his tennis balls from us. When he came into our home he did guard his toys and treats were somewhat confusing to him (do I guard them or not?). Prince needed time to learn that we would never take anything from him and we spent a lot of time working on this.

Kleenex is still an issue because he knows what it is and that he loves to eat it. Only once did he do that here and he was able to pass that out the next day. Prince likes stuffed toys, may carry them, but for the most part he likes them in the special 'place he puts them'. I have two out for him so he isn't overwhelmed with needing to find a special place for many toys. I don't move them because that confuses him, but if I do have to move them Prince will want them.

He is not aggressive in wanting them knowing I'll offer them to him. He loves to play ball a few times a day. I'll roll a ball across the room and he'll run after it, bringing it back waiting for me to roll the next one. 

The 2 most important quirks I want to talk about is #1 - Being groomed, ears cleaned and #2 being startled. 

Being groomed, ears cleaned​ - He will ​raise his​ lip, show a big smile (not a happy smile) and may even growl if we try to clean his ears, brush him or do any kind of grooming on him. For this reason, Prince saw the vet tech every two weeks to have his yucky gunky ears cleaned out. Why can they do the ear cleaning and we can't - good questions and one I've asked myself many times. Only ​reasoning ​we​ all​ can come up with is that his fear of being at the vet clinic overrides his fear of having his ears cleaned.

Thankfully​ his​ type of fear​ at the vet office​ is not aggressive in nature. Instead he just lays still​, will shake some​ and allows them to do whatever is needed to be done. During this time he may submissive pee, both in the vet clinic reception area or on the vet table. Big 'Hooray for Prince' - last vet visit he did not submissive pee!!! Great improvement for him. Because we know he doesn't like to be groomed by us we have slowly worked with him so he will allow us to do a light brushing, check the ear​s​ and allow us to use a few​ long stick​ q-tips on his ears.

This is a 2 person job with one loving him up, both of us talking softly to him, tennis ball always in his mouth and one of us petting and brushing him at the same time. Sometimes it's successful and other times Prince will let us know 'not today' and we instantly stop. Many times Prince will only be partially brushed, looking beautiful on one side and messy on the other. He's okay with sporting a half brushed body and so are we. His fear always correlates with us having something in our hands​ and we want him to know our hands will never hurt him.​

Being startled - Because of age and hearing ability when his ears were really gunky, Prince could and sometimes would be startled when someone walked near him while he was resting. A few times at our home I've walked by him while he was laying down and he would let out a quick growl and put his mouth on my leg. Prince has never bitten, but while he does give a warning which we want all dogs to do, he does not give any time between the warning growl and putting his mouth on you.

When Prince does put his mouth on you it's soft, like a dog with no teeth. There is no pressure other than you can feel his mouth is on you. As soon as he does this he feels bad and wants you to pet him and love him up. He has done this at his foster sitter's home when he was excited and heading to an area where a glass had broken on the floor. The foster reached for his collar so he'd not walk on broken glass and Prince gave a quick growl with a soft mouth on the arm. Again Prince felt badly at what occurred and wanted loving. How he reacts does not scare us, his foster family, or his babysitting foster family, but because we know he will do this we are careful to not startle him.

Other than these two important quirks, Prince is the perfect boy! He is the silliest senior boy that loves people. Almost every morning our neighbor walks her Golden Retriever puppy by our house and the puppy will run to our front door and sit patiently waiting for me to come outside. No doorbell is needed, as Prince will announce when the puppy is at the door.

Prince is adoptable to the right family. We all know rescue dogs have quirks of some kind and Prince's is no different. He needs a very understanding family, one that is home most of the time and one that is able to provide loads of love, security, time for him to get to know you, trust you and your home, his special special prescription dog food and accepting of who he is because of his mystery past.

On the medical side - Prince has gained more weight. He's now up to #74 and the vet feels this is a great weight for him. All his many short walks have really helped add muscle and muscle tone. Short walks are just around our block. We did run into a problem with getting his prescription food from the vet clinic and had to switch his food for a while. That didn't sit well with his tummy, so we have had to special order larger bags of his food. Locally his prescription food has been hard to get in. Hopefully that will be remedied soon.

Now the most awesome news about this senior boy ---- Prince's ears are all cleared up and he can hear! I knew he could hear, but it was definitely muffled A LOT. Every summer they test the tornado sirens (you know how loud those are) and each month Prince would either sleep though the testing of the sirens or if he was awake he'd not notice them going off.

This month changed all that - he heard them and responded back. Here is a video of him responding back. A 'BIG THANK-YOU' to all the wonderful people who have donated to RAGOM. It's taken many trips to the vet clinic to have his ears cleaned, medication, prescription dog food, and medication that is 'use as needed' for his ears to get him to where he is today - healthy. Prince's ear cleanings will continue at the vet clinic on a monthly basis so he can maintain healthy ears. It was your donation that gave RAGOM the ability to provide for Prince's medical needs so he can now hear the world around him!! Thank you!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I have wonderful news! Prince has gained weight!!! He is now up to 67 pounds. This is a good weight for him and we'd like to keep him between the 67 to 70 pound range. He still has the bony head that older dogs can have, but we aren't feeling his ribs or hip bones like we used to. With this weight gain we are still feeling good muscle tone which is also good.

All great news for Prince! Because his digestive system is working smoothly on the prescription dog food, he will remain on Royal Canin GI HE. This is something you should take into consideration if you're interested in adopting Prince as it can be expensive. Our RAGOM vet charges $78.05 for a 22 pound bag of food, but other vet clinics may charge less.

When Prince came into our home we quickly learned he does not like his ears being cleaned by us. He gave us a warning 'curl of the lip' when he saw a Q-tip in my hand. Because Prince's ears were in such rough shape he needed his ears cleaned out on a regular basis so RAGOM is paying for Prince to have his ears cleaned every 2 weeks by a vet tech. They know how to work in a group to distract him and clean at the same time. It probably helps too that Prince is a little anxious at the clinic.

At home we're working on getting Prince used to me and my husband cleaning his ears. I feel Prince would do better with the longer stick Q-tips - the same they use at the vet clinic so I've ordered a bag. He can see the long stick Q-tip more clearly when I approach his face and ear with it. It's a slow process, but we're seeing improvement in the home setting. Even with the regular ear cleanings at the vet clinic Prince has a yeast infection in his left ear. We're treating both ears with drops and he'll have a recheck in a month. Hopefully this dose of medication will rid his ears of the infection for good. He came into RAGOM with an ear infection and sometimes they just take forever to clear up, but we will succeed!

Since Prince's last update he's been to visit his doggie sitter again (previous foster Mom) when we took a short trip. It's an hour car ride to his sitter and he rode well in the car. We figured out a way to set up a sitting or I should say 'laying area' for him in the back seat so he can lay like he likes/wants to with his head on the front seat center arm rest. I have a feeling this guy was a co-pilot in his previous home, but with 2 of us riding in the front he's now the designated backseat driver.

Prince is a goofy old guy that loves to bring upstairs whatever I've dropped down the stairs to wash. The other evening while we were eating dinner I saw him head downstairs. Soon we saw him trying to walk into the kitchen carrying two bed sheets in his mouth. I wish I had my camera as it was a sight to see. This guy does the silliest things. As with all his new found treasures, he carries them to his bed and I gather them up later.

The baby bunny that Prince was so fascinated with has moved away and now Mr. Harry and Mrs. Harry the Sparrows have peaked Prince's interest. They built a nest in a bird house by our deck and are now feeding their babies. Sometimes he gets a little over excited and will stand up to get a better view. Prince is a smart boy; if he can't see Harry he will come and nudge me so I'll check the bird house.

At night for his last potty before bed we will say 'let's check to see if Harry is in bed'. Prince gets right up and has to check on the birdhouse before heading down for his night time potty. I'm amazed at how quickly a dog can learn the name of someone or something. I can say Daddy is home and Prince is up and looking out the front door for Foster Dad. Here's a link to a video of Prince watching Harry the Sparrow.

We had a house full of company and Prince did wonderfully. He happily greeted everyone and had no issues with a house full of new people in his foster home. When he got tired of all the commotion he headed to his bed and took a nap. Otherwise he'd lay by someone's feet, get pets and accept loving from all.
Prince is so cute when he begs. Hard to say 'no' to that innocent face.

And sometimes he forgets to take his ball down with him into the yard. He will let us know where he left it.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

I apologize for being late on Prince's update. I'm sure many of you have been wondering how he was doing and how his vet appointment went. Prince had a recheck on his phosphorus level and the results are ... drum roll .... Prince's phosphorus level is now above the low level of 2.5!!!  Not by much, but we're happy to see it moved up and past the low level registration number.

His weight gain wasn't much (ounces vs pounds), and he's still not gaining in increments we'd like to see. The vet and I then talked poop. I noticed that Prince was not digesting some foods, he was pooping way too often and his poop was much larger than it should be even while being fed a high quality dog food. I had given Prince some scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, raw and cooked carrots along with cooked green beans for snacks/treats.

Unfortunately all those foods were passing through his system undigested. Prince's vet feels Prince has what is called a Hyper Mobility Digestive system. This means food is moving through his system at a much faster rate - 2 to 3 hours vs the normal 6 to 8 hours for a dog. The food is not staying in his system long enough for his body to absorb the foods nutrients. The vet wanted Prince to start on a prescription dog food (Royal Canin GI HE) and be on this food for a 6 week period.

Because he's lacking in teeth we add some canned Royal Canin along with a little water. I'm happy to say he gobbles it down and has a clean dog bowl afterwards. He loves it!!! During this 6 week period we'll do occasional weigh-ins. On a good note, his poops are smaller and he poops less often. The hardest part of this trial run on the prescription dog food is dog snacks. We all know how Goldens love those extra daily snacks. Prince's snacks are limited as the vet doesn't want people food and dog treats to interfere with the prescription dog food's job to help his system slow down.

Prince can have his dry and wet dog food as a snack/treat (which he loves). The vet did approve a bully stick in moderation and he can have an occasional people food snack which we really do limit and when given we need to do a 'check the poop' to see if what we gave appears whole. There is a thought that Prince could have had this Hyper Mobility Digestive system all his life and the reason he has always been underweight or he has a phosphorus calcium issue going on which he could have had all his life and he just never gained the weight he should have.

We're all keeping our fingers crossed that the prescription dog food will help him. As of right now Prince will probably be on the Royal Canin Prescription dog food the rest of his life. That is an added cost for RAGOM as they pay for all prescription dog foods while in foster care. An 8.8 pound bag of Prince's dog food costs $35.99. Donations to RAGOM makes providing the needed medical care and special food possible. RAGOM, Prince and I thank you for your donations and supporting RAGOM. 

Prince had some dry packed-in ear wax far down in his ear canal that needed to be cleaned out (no infection). That took two visits to the vet to clear it all out. When Prince first came into RAGOM he was treated for an ear infection - looks like this poor guy has had many previous ear infections in his lifetime - but now his ears are looking good. He is a dog that produces a lot of wax in one of his ears that needs to be cleaned often at home. He's not a fan of having this done, but it's necessary. He also was given an antibiotic cream for his eyes as they were kind of weepy. He allowed me to put the cream in is eyes with no problem. We are all done with this and his eyes are doing fine.

Life for Prince is slow paced with added moments of 'young at heart'. He loves to spend his day looking out our front door and his evenings laying on the deck waiting for the bunny to appear. Any bird in the grass is a 'bunny bird' which he feels shouldn't be there and needs to be chased. Prince isn't a dog that likes to be in the yard for very long. In fact he hasn't laid in the grass since he's come to our home, but prefers to lay on the carpeting on the deck. He did help us plant a small garden by picking up Foster Dad's gloves and wanting to take them into the house and onto his bed. This boy loves to gather things.

We've been taking Prince on short car rides and we're seeing an improvement. Each time we take him out we increase the time in the car a little longer. If our time in the car seems to be too long for him I just put my hand near him/pet him and he settles nicely. Walks are only in the morning and he loves them. He's not fond of evening walks as there is just too much activity at that time, kids riding bikes, kids outside playing and just overall a much nosier period of time. We hope to take Prince on a short day trip soon. I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Prince sends out a huge thank you to Summit and Piper who have sponsored Prince in memory of Regis, Melba, Reba and Niki. This means so much to him, to us and RAGOM. I'm a foster Mom who talks to Prince all the time and I explained to him what sponsoring means. Sometimes I really do think Prince understands what I'm saying as he's so 'in tune' to words. He gave me his impish smile of 'I know I'm special'. Yes, he has somewhat of an ego, too.

Prince is doing well. He is still chasing the baby bunnies in the yard if I don't chase them away first. He knows the word 'stay' and does great when told to do so. That gives me time to get out the door before him and chase the bunny away. I've now come to the conclusion I will be the bunny chaser this summer because this baby bunny has no desire to leave the area. Prince has speed when he wants to turn it on and has come very close to catching the bunny.

His resource guarding has really diminished. It is all a matter of him knowing he could trust us and Prince now knows we will never take anything from him. He has things he knows will always be his, such as his very own towels to carry around, tennis balls and his leash. These items he kept on his bed, but now are scattered around the house. Prince remembers where he leaves them and will gather them throughout the day and bring them back to his bed to play with. His tennis ball remains his security toy and is always in his mouth or nearby him.

All dogs love to chew on something so we gave Prince a Bully Stick. We also wanted to see if Prince saw this as a high value item and one which he felt he needed to guard from us. Prince didn't know what it was nor what to do with it. He just stared at it, licked it a few times till I made chewing sounds for him to realize he could put it into his mouth and chew on it.

Once he was chewing on it I started cleaning in the living room. Sweet Prince brought it to me, showed it to me (I never reached for it) and laid down next to me to continue chewing on the Bully Stick. I was so proud of him.
We babysat a previous foster dog and during that time Prince went to visit his previous Foster Mom. They live on a lake and Prince had fun taking pontoon rides and walking in the lake. Lucky boy!
Prince had company! His Foster Uncle came for a visit and was Prince smitten with him. He loved all the extra attention he received and Foster Uncle's late evening snack time.

As for Prince's health, he is still not gaining weight. We seem to be stuck at 61-1/2 pounds no matter how much we feed him. Because his phosphorous level was still a tad low at his last check up, we are going to have his level checked again in a week. This test is done in 4 week intervals. I will keep you all updated on how the testing turns out.

He has us laughing often as he's just a goofball. Prince has retained his youthful spirit as older age is approaching. He has spurts of energy which have him doing the zoomies in the backyard or living room. Other times are spent chasing squirrels, birds and yes, even the bunny that FM didn't see.

The smile on his face is like he's laughing at himself for all the silliness he's done. We love this boy's spirit!! Here is a link to a video of Prince waiting for his meal to be prepared. It doesn't show his full dance, but you can see part of his 'Happy Meal Dance'.

Again we thank Summit and Piper for their generous sponsorship in memory of Regis, Melba, Reba and Niki.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Prince was one happy boy when I told him he has Spring icons on his webpage. He even asked for his picture to be taken (Prince loves the camera), sending a very special smile and 'Thank-you' to his Secret Admirer and his RAGOM brother Scout 14-406. 

Silly Prince, when I told him he had a Secret Admirer he went to the door to look outside. I explained to him that Secret Admirers are not seen or known and that is what makes them so very special - just like him.

Prince says, "Scout, I love knowing I have a RAGOM brother that is thinking of me. I hope too that the pretty Egg you donated helps my forever family find me. My Foster parents tell me I am a wonderful boy that has so much love and joy to give.

"My Foster Mom and Foster Dad say 'Thank-you' to my Secret Admirer and Scout for helping support RAGOM and me! Your donation will help RAGOM continue with their mission to help other dogs just like me."

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Welcome Prince to RAGOM!

Prince is a wonderful sweet senior boy that we believe is between 11 and 13 years old. He and I talked about it and we decided that he will be officially a young 12 year old. Prior to coming into RAGOM, Prince was living in a small room/area of a house, not getting enough to eat, and not being let outdoors to do his duties. At night he was forced outside in hopes he would run away.

Thankfully a RAGOM adopter saw him and contacted RAGOM. Because of the living situation he had been in (lacking some socialization) and his age, I've given him time to settle in, get some good nourishment into his body, and have his vet work completed before posting him on the RAGOM website.

Prince was malnourished when he came into RAGOM and had some bad teeth that needed to be removed. He has had his teeth cleaned, the bad yucky teeth removed and his eating has improved. He feels bony with little to no muscle mass on his spine nor upper hip area. You can feel his ribs. The RAGOM vet feels Prince was never given the opportunity to build muscle mass/tone in his previous home. We are happy to say he is now gaining weight - YAY!

It has been a slow process to get a few pounds on him, but slow is good. The RAGOM vet would like to see Prince between 65 and 70 pounds, but probably only getting to 65 pounds. He is now 61 pounds so not too far to go weight-wise. Prince's weight gain should come from muscle mass v. "food weight." We are feeding him 4 cups of food a day with lots of short activities.

He gets mostly short walks and lots of backyard "moving around" time. Because he is lacking muscle mass, what muscle he has tires easily. The vet called it muscle fatigue. When Prince first arrived to our home he would nap often and now he takes two good naps during the day. His endurance grows each day.

Prince is a sweetheart! He loves his people and nothing pleases him more than spending his day with you. Prince loves the backyard and the house - his two favorite places to be. We do a morning walk and if he is up to it he will get an evening walk also. His walks are not long, only a block, but in time he should be able to go further.

He will not be a running partner nor a slow jogging partner, but he is the perfect boy to walk around the block with. As I type this Prince is watching the man across the street working in his garage. Prince came and nudged me with his nose, whining letting me know there was something to show me. I said to him "show me" and he did. He walked me right to the window to look at the man across the street. He's a smart boy!

His day with us is pretty simple. We get up and he eats, rests, walks, hunts for the baby bunny all day, watches the neighbors from the front door, watches the birds at the feeder, but baby bunny is more exiting then sparrows. He helps me do the house work, but the smaller rooms in our home he is afraid of and has yet to enter our bathroom.

He wants to and tries, but will keep one foot on the hallway carpeting for safety. My thoughts are he is afraid he will be confined to a small room as he was in his previous home. It will just take time for him to feel and know it is okay. He is not afraid of indoor noises, but doesn't like the mower or weed-eater when used in our yard. He is fine when the neighbors are doing yard work.

He's not afraid of thunder or the rain. He knows "stay" pretty well and is easily called inside, even when he is waiting for the baby bunny to return. Mornings are his active time, and I'm sure he wishes I was an earlier riser. Evenings are definitely his down time, but he is showing more spunk in the evenings the longer he is with us.

Because Prince was forced outside at night in his previous home to run away he doesn't like being outside at night. He is house trained and will do his duties when it's dark outside with no issues (you go with him), but he does want to come right back inside. After dinner we spend as much time on the deck as he feels comfortable with. Some evenings he does great, while other evenings he prefers to be inside watching us from a window or door.

We have noticed that Prince displays signs of being abused. When he first came to our home he would squint his eyes or duck his head when you reached to pet him a little to quickly. He has learned he can trust us and loves the petting he receives. Prince loves toys and large Kong tennis balls (he cannot have regular sized tennis balls because his mouth is too big for them).

Because of whatever occurred in his previous home Prince does not like anyone standing over the top of him while he's laying down. He loves to play housekeeper and will pick up any clothing you may have laying around, mostly socks and towels. Anything he picks up he will carry to his bed and leave it there.

Prince does resource guard anything that he picks up, be it a sock, piece of clothing, toy or ball. He also wants to take his leash once we unleash him after his walk and carry it to his bed. He does not destroy/rip apart anything he takes except Kleenex. Kleenex he will eat. I do all my picking up of scattered toys, clothes, towels and balls when he is outside or in another room and cannot see me doing it.

He does not guard his food bowl and likes having you in the kitchen while he eats. Prince has learned to trust us and he will come to us for petting while holding onto a toy knowing we will not take it from him. He will also run and pick up a toy before greeting us when we arrive home. His trusting grows every day.

Prince is afraid of other dogs and will cower down to the ground and shake if another dog approaches him. He will also run to the door to be let inside if our neighbor dog barks. We don't know if his reaction is because he was not socialized with other dogs when he was younger or if another dog caused him harm at some point in his life.

Since we do know he is afraid around other dogs it's best he be an only dog. Prince has the jumping ability of a young dog. He can jump and run like a deer, but he tires out fast. If he did not have his beautiful white face you would think he was a much younger dog when he moves about. The RAGOM vet contributes that ability to his good bone structure (no hip/joint problems) and his light weight.

The perfect home for Prince is a quiet home. He's been through a lot in his life and now life needs to be easy going, free from being afraid and with people who will love him like he is the most special dog in the world. 

Things Prince loves!

  • Large Kong balls.
  • Looking for a bunny, seeing a bunny, chasing a bunny, catching a bunny - anything that has to do with a bunny.
  • Ice Cream - he takes treats so gently from the hand.
  • Peanut Butter.
  • Walks - this was new to him and he's learning they are fun!
  • Chasing squirrels running along the top of the fence.
  • Laying on his bed on the deck watching the birds, squirrels and bunny.
  • Laying next to me on a dog bed in the computer room.
  • Going to bed at night. Prince is not a night owl.
  • When someone comes home - he gets so excited.
  • Meal time - he dances.
  • Loves rubbing/itching on the carpet. He will spin in circles on his side using his feet to move himself.
  • Running full speed to the door in a silly boy fashion after going potty/poop.
  • Before supper snack. Before we eat dinner he gets a treat. Prince thinks this is great!
  • Rear end itches and leaning into you for petting.
  • Prince loves to be talked to.
  • Anything soft and comfy to lay on.

Prince's needs in his forever home:

  • Quiet home.
  • Physical Fenced yard.
  • Because of his background, no invisible fence, shock collar/bark collar or prong collar.
  • No other dog in the home. 
  • Children 12 and up. Children will need to know that what Prince believes is his - is his and not to take anything from him.
  • Understanding of resource guarding and accepting that Prince will guard what he believes is his 'special treasure'.
  • Someone that is home most of the day, works from the home or retired. 
  • Prince is a homebody kind of dog and is needing a homebody type of family.
  • Allowed on the furniture and human bed. He is 12 years old, lives for comfort and must have had something comfy to lay on in his past. He would not understand why he couldn't sleep with you or lay next to you on the couch. Whatever abuse Prince did receive, he has retained his love for his people and finds security in being next to them.
  • Prince does jump and so very softly can mouth you when exited and wants to play/run next to you. This doesn't last long and we've allowed it because he doesn't jump on us nor does he try to make contact when mouthing towards you. He will also initiate play by putting his open mouth gently near your hand. This happens very rarely, but his family will need to know that this is how he tells you he wants to play and allows him to tell you 'I want to play'.
  • He has the cutest curl of the lips when he gets excited/happy. He will curl his lips like he's smiling while licking you, but it could be misinterpreted as something other than a smile. You'll need to understand he's just 'happy'. 
  • Prince will not be your long distance car rider. We are slowly working with him on this and he has shown some slight improvement. For now short rides are best - trip to the vet, DQ or just a 1/2 hour ride about town. If you are wanting a traveling companion, Prince is not the guy for your family.
  • Prince loves his walks, but needs something in his mouth while walking - Kong ball works best. If he doesn't have something in his mouth he will take the leash you are using to walk him. It would be cute if he just held onto it while walking, but he wants it all in his mouth which doesn't work to walk him. He walks beautifully on a leash, no Gentle Leader needed and should not be used since he is afraid of things by his head. 
  • Because of his fear of small areas/rooms no kenneling. He does fine with free roam while we are gone.

The "needs in his forever home" seems long, but just like older people, older dogs also require more needs as they age. To us Prince is perfect in so many ways and we know there is a forever family that will think Prince is perfect also. He is a silly older gent that loves to dance for his food, is learning to talk to us if he feels feisty and a very loyal companion.

Adopt Me: If you think Prince would be a good fit in your home, please submit an Inquiry for Application. If you have already submitted an Inquiry for Application, email with Prince's name, RAGOM number (17-071), the name you submitted the Inquiry for Application under, and a sentence or two explaining why you feel your home would be a good match.