Princess 17-235


Princess came into Ragom from an elderly couple who were not able to provide enough activity and exercise for her. They were sad to see her go but wanted her to have a better life. She needs structure as well as regular walks along with obedience training.

At a Glance #17-235

Golden Retriever Born: November 2014
Female 71 lbs

Status: Adopted


Princess came into Ragom from an elderly couple who were not able to provide enough activity and exercise for her. They were sad to see her go but wanted her to have a better life. She needs structure as well as regular walks along with obedience training.


Monday, March 12, 2018

I am very happy to report that Princess has found her for ever family.  She will be living the good life in a house with three females who will love her up and be careful touching her feet.  I will really miss her laying on me when I went to bed and when I awoke.  I am very happy to have sprung her from boarding and gave her a great chance to become the family dog she wants to be.

Monday, February 26, 2018

I find it hard to believe that Princess has been with me now for 2 months.  She has become a great companion in our household.  The most recent pictures are of her face when she is saying "hey it's been like forever since we last went for a walk".  She has just loved the snow and has done her "frisky girl" romping in the snow.  

She has had an evaluation by a professional trainer who rates her as having great bite inhibition.  She does let you know that she does not like her feet messed with but has been allowing me to use a towel to wipe her feet after our walks.

She is quite the snuggler and just loves human attention.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Princess continues to do very well.  She really enjoys playing tug with her sock toy and just loves her walks or going for a car ride.  When she gets excited she makes a snorting noise.  She has an injury to her nose during puppy hood and may have some blockage of one of her nasal passages.  

Her newest game is to try to prevent me from getting into my bed at bedtime.  She will sit on the bed and scoot herself in my way and give me a little growl.  Once I gain access she jumps right into my lap and insists on some major petting.  She will occasionally growl during petting if you take a pause.

She had her first walk with a gentle leader last night and did real well.

Princess does have some issues and has been unavailable as we sort through these.  In her first foster home she had displayed some growling and snarling.  Her veterinarian felt she was a bite risk and felt the need to use a muzzle for his exam.  With my family she has always been gentle and has never tried to bite.  What I have learned is that she is very sensitive about having her legs, rear end, her nose, and her ears touched.  When we pet her she will put on her snarly face whenever we touch those areas.  She does not try to bite.  I have been randomly touching those areas while petting and think she is becoming less sensitive.  According to her records she had her nails trimmed and anal glands expressed monthly by her veterinarian.  I think because she snorts when excited that she seems more aggressive than she really is.  I have felt totally comfortable having her around my teenage daughter and my very senior mother.

Her only other issue is jumping up on people for food or petting.  She is going to have a professional trainer evaluate her soon.  I believe that she has huge potential, just needs to learn that she is not the boss ( or princess).

Thursday, December 28, 2017

 Princess has been relocated to my  foster home that does not have any other pets.  She has adapted very well to our house.  She seems to get along with other dogs but would do best as an only dog or maybe with one other.

She very much acts like a princess, i.e. she loves to be petted and will let you know that just a few pats is not enough.  She likes to think she is a lap dog.  We have already established a routine at bed time in which she sits in my lap while I read.  This requires one free hand to pet her as she lets you know that reading is of secondary importance. When I turn off the light she moves to the foot of the bed and sleeps quietly all night.

She loves going for walks and often lays by the front door.  She does roam and pull on the leash but is easily controlled.  

She does get a bit hyperactive when in a busy environment but is very well behaved in our quite house. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Princess is a beautiful English Creme golden who will be 4 years old in February.  She has lived with an elderly couple since she was a puppy.  She has never been around other dogs but has been getting along fine with our 3 resident goldens.  She has made a few attempts to try to play with them also.

She had never been taken for a walk so pulls hard on the leash when we go for our daily long walks.  She’s fascinated by all the smells on our walks.  We’re trying different devices to see if we can find something that will prevent the pulling. She does get tired about half-way into the walk.

She has been  eating mainly people food so eating dog food alone has been quite an adjustment for her.  She weighs 71 pounds so the vet said her not eating very much was nothing to be concerned about.

She was found to be healthy at her recent vet visit.  She was brought up to date on immunizations and was heartworm negative.  She will be spayed tomorrow.

She is housebroken and has free roam of the house.  She has never been in a crate.  She loves toys, is not destructive and sleeps all night.  She has been around the preschool grandchildren of her former owner.  She does tend to jump so it would probably be better if any children in her adoptive home were 12 or older.  She LOVES to be petted.

Besides regular exercise, Princess needs to learn that she is no longer the boss!  She needs discipline and obedience training.  Having another dog in the house will be good for her also so she can learn the role of a dog.  She has some quirky behaviors such as growling and wagging her tail at the same time.  We believe that with structure, consistent rules, and exercise, Princess will develop into an even more beautiful girl, both inside and out.