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  • Age: 14 years, 2 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 70.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted



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Mary and Carl S.
“In memory of Tazz/Max”


August 21, 2012

Hello everyone!  Introducing Rambo to RAGOM!  He is a 4 year old Golden Mix that came from a rescue in Georgia.  He is 43 pounds and has light hair - and a cute "husky like" tail!  We were told that his owner was elderly and could no longer care for Rambo.  Rambo is extremely sweet and happy around people - his tail just wags and wags!  He gets along well with our resident goldens and doesn't bother the cat at all.   I found out from the vet that he had been shot at - there are bb's in him - but the vet said that the bb's shouldn't cause any issues by being there. Before he came up to MN, the Georgia vet was able to take care of his "cherry eye" and get him neutered - both surgeries are healing well. 

We have only had Rambo for a week here, so he hasn't had the chance to meet too many other dogs.  He met a couple people last weekend when we had a BBQ and he is so excited and happy to meet people (typical Golden trait!)  He has been eating well (we have him on a high quality, grain free kibble) and we are starting to teach him how to "sit" and "stay".  He seems very intrigued by certain sounds - like when certain music plays or a cell phone has a funny ring - his ears go up and he cocks his head to one side!
Rambo is heartworm positive - we will start treatment in the next couple weeks.  His case is moderate, but will still take time and can get expensive, so if you wanted to help out with his vet bills by sponsoring him, that would be great!  His treatment will require some antibiotics, injections and preventatives (in the 2 - 3 month timeframe) and low activity during the treatment.  The vet said that they take a slow approach to treating the heartworm so the treatment is safer for the dogs.  After the treatment, Rambo will need to wait a couple months to be tested again to make sure everything is negative.

Rambo just loves to play and hang out with his Golden Foster Brother Luke.  Luke is the "big brother" and Rambo follows him everywhere!  No accidents in the house after the initial "marking" of the coffee table!  Rambo loves sleeping with people too - he sleeps well in a crate but after a few nights we let him sleep with us in the bedroom - no issues sharing a bed with us and the other dogs.  The last couple days, Rambo has been sleeping in the guest room with me and he sleeps well through the night (although he can be a bed hog!)  I was a little nervous with sharing a bed with a dog I really didn't know, but all he does is wag his tail and sometimes sigh whenever I would move (yes - Foster Mom is a restless sleeper!)  We have a fenced in yard, so he also likes to chase Luke and Golden Foster Sister Leia around the parameter (and chase the occassional squirrel with them).  Mostly, he likes to lay in the sun on the deck and overlook the neighborhood.

Stay tuned for more Rambo updates!  And if you are interested in Rambo, please contact your placement advisor to setup a meeting.  Thanks!


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