At A Glance

  • Age: 16 years, 8 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 90.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


We welcomed Rex to our home on Monday March 23rd.   Introducing him to our resident dog went really well; they started to play within hours.  He has had a very easy start to stay. He went for his wellness check and was given a clean bill of health with the exception they suggest we get his teeth cleaned.  That’s in the plan along with good chew toys which he was slow to use but now seems ok with.

  • He rarely barks other than to let you know he wants your attention, and loves contact with his humans.
  • He is pretty clear with his “I need to go out he needs to go outside“ signals. He has no problems when he is in his crate overnight and during the day while we are gone.
  • He is cat friendly.

Recent activities and training

  • Has no resource guarding.  Shares a water dish with our resident dog without problems, and trades chew toys and tennis balls with our resident dog.
  • He has only met a few new people (we don’t gets lots of visitors this time of year) and approaches respectfully.
  • We are now working on some things like heel, sit, he pulls a little on walks.  He comes when called however we haven’t tried long distance recalls yet.

Personality we are noticing

  • This dog is a true lover, and loves to cuddle to his humans.  Is respectful when you need space and will go lay down when told.
  • He takes treats more gentle than our resident dog and follows commands like sit, no and goes to his crate without any trouble.
  • He has free run of the house when we are home and has been in his crate while we are away and seems very comfortable in it. 

We fostered his brother Zeke 14-350 and found both of these boys to have similar personalities and he reminds us of a senior we had that has caused us to fall in love with this guy.  We plan to adopt him, so we are asking he be listed as adopted right away.

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