At A Glance

  • Age: 16 years, 3 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 72.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Meet Riley!!  He is 15 months old and a handsome light golden color with blond feathers.  He was an outside dog but is adjusting nicely to the indoors.  He hasn't had any accidents!!  Maggie, our 9 month old golden is showing him the ropes.  She is a spaz and he plays with her nicely.  He puts up with her sitting on top of him biting at his ears. 

He was very scared when we got him but he is coming out of his shell and showing his true puppy personality.  We had him at the lake the first day so he met lots of people and dogs.  He was very gentle with the kids and just sat next to them wanting pets.  We took him on a walk and he did ok on the leash, better than Maggie.  With continued walks and training he will walk like a charmer.  We walked down to the lake and he was not afraid of the water.  If the leash was longer he would have loved to swim.  As soon as we got home we let the two dogs play in the fenced yard.   They ran and played together very well.  Then it was dreaded bath time.  He didn't like his bath but he was a trooper and has to feel much better clean.  After his bath his outdoor coat started coming off so a good brushing was in order. 
He is still learning about house things.  He hasn't gone downstairs yet.  He doesn't like to go down the hallway so at night we have to make him come to the back room.  He sleeps beside the bed.  In the morning he goes down the hall as long as Maggie goes too.  With more repetition he will get used to the big bad hallway.  He loves attention and getting pets.  He does sit but needs more training with this and other commands.  He responds well to treat training so he would be great at obedience training.  We had our first thunderstorm of the season last evening and he was unaffected.  We were outside playing as it was thundering and he just sat there.
He is a puppy and so all puppy protocol is in order.  He likes to grab shoes by the door so chew toys are a must.  He likes to dig.  He found the hole Maggie started and now they have a big hole : )  He needs stimulation by training and exercise and these puppy behaviors go away.  He doesn't know how to play fetch yet but watches Maggie play.  Another dog for Riley would be great.  He would love a fenced yard so he can run and play.  He needs someone that will take time with him and train him.  He loves being with his people and craves love and attention.
He went to the vet yesterday and got updated with shots and microchiped.  He is heartworm negative.  Yea Riley!!  He will get neutered tomorrow and then he will be ready to find a family that will love him forever. 

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