At A Glance

  • Age: 17 years, 5 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Rosie is a 9 week old little love bug and very smart. I already have them sitting for treats and it took me maybe a whole minute to teach them that. During the delivery of Rosie her mother had complications and started to pull Rosie out of the birth canal. During this process she pulled off 3 of Rosie's toes on her back left paw. I know you're probably thinking poor little girl. You don't have to feel bad for Rosie - she doesn't feel bad, so why should anyone else? Rosie is one outgoing fluffy butt and nothing slows her down. She is the champion of puppy wrestling, chases all the other dogs around, and is a happy go lucky little girl. You don't even notice it unless if you point it out. Think of it this way - that?s 3 less nails you have to clip!

Rosie and her brother Gator are named after the College Football Bowls - Rose Bowl and Gator Bowl. I love the name Rosie....I think it fits her. Rosie is already responding to her name and watching her run to you chases away the winter blues. You can't frown with her around.

Rosie and Gator both love to cuddle with my Amber 04-267, they do a little hog pile sometimes, but most of the time they just like to be next to her. I think they prefer her over me and I'm jealous. If I lay on the floor they will come and cuddle with me but they prefer Amber over me. Rosie was laying under Amber's long fur and it looked like she was wearing a red wig - it was the cutest thing.

Rosie has a white streak on her face, white tips on her toes and tail. She is a light Golden/Yellow Lab mix. She looks all Golden to me. She looks like a big fluff ball who enjoys giving puppy kisses.

Valentine's Day is one week from today....have you found that someone special to share it with yet?? If you're looking for personality, brains, and great looks, look no further, Rosie is your gal.

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