At A Glance

  • Age: 15 years, 9 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 47.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Little Sammie was picked up at a shelter in Fairfield, Iowa last Saturday and taken to his fosterhome. He was found as a stray and brought into the shelter on April 7th. No one even wanted to look at him at the shelter because he is a black dog. He is a beautiful shinny black and looks like a flat-coated retriever. For those of you who have never seen a flat-coated retriever, he looks like a black Golden retriever. At first they thought that he was around 11 months old, but he is very clumsey, chews on everything, plays "Bite-Bite"on people, does alot of mouthing, is not house trained and is a general terrorist! My vet thinks that he is closer to 8 months old now, especially since he gained five pounds in the past month. Even with all of his terrorizing, he is a joy! He never met a dog that he didn't like and he likes our cats too. He is a sweet love puppy and loves to snuggle on my lap in the evenings and stretch out in the middle of our bed at night. What a charming little guy! Who could ask for more in a companion? Not me.


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