Sandie 17-162


Sandie is a sweet dog and would do well in a family that has dog experience. She is very gentle, but also enjoys the opportunity to play hard!

At a Glance #17-162

Golden Retriever Born: April 2013
Female 55 lbs

Status: Adopted

Sandie's Well-wishers

Nicole S
"Merry Christmas Sandie! In loving memory of Bailey & Weezer"
Marcia B
"Pretty girl!"


Sandie is a sweet dog and would do well in a family that has dog experience. She is very gentle, but also enjoys the opportunity to play hard!


Saturday, January 27, 2018

It is with the greatest of pleasures that I am able to announce the adoption of Sandie by a wonderful couple.  Kevin and Kathy M. took one look at our beautiful foster girl and immediately fell in love.  It appeared that Sandie was delighted with her new family as well.  As a foster dad, I am always excited to find a forever home that is a really good fit and I think Sandie hit the jackpot today.  We were able to touch base with her new forever Dad just a few minutes ago and Sandie has already started to settle in at her new home.  It doesn't get any better than that. 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Sandie came to us one week ago.  She moved from another foster because it was just too busy in their 6 dog home.  Since coming to our no other dog family of two retired adults, Sandie has been a perfect dog.  The quite, calm environment is suiting her very well and she has been wonderful to have live with us. 

Sandie loves her humans but isn’t a Velcro dog.  She likes to be with us but will spend time alone, too.  She will go to another room to nap or look out the window.  In the evening she likes to be with us in the family room to play fetch.  Sandie retrieves the ball and brings it back for another throw most of the time.  She doesn’t always give it up right away though and will play keep away sometimes.  But she will hand the ball over nicely when we ask her to leave it.

Sandie also likes her walks.  She doesn’t pull much on the leash.  She appears to have some good hunting instincts as she drops her nose to the ground to smell all that has been left behind by other animals.  Sandie knows why she is being walked and does her business quickly.  This was greatly appreciated by her foster dad on the very cold mornings last week. 

We think Sandie may have some minor guarding issues, mostly related to food dropped on the floor.  This probably means that her ideal forever home would not have small children or multiple dogs.  We think that pre-teens or teenagers would be OK.  We also think that another well-mannered dog probably would be OK too.  A home with lots of other dogs and lots of commotion would not be the best however.  We don’t know anything about her tolerance of cats either.

Sandie is ready to be adopted so if you are interested in her please contact RAGOM for more information.  We would be glad to talk with anyone who is interested.  Because of our schedule, Sandie will need to move to another foster family by January 31.  We would surely hope that she will have found an interested family before that time.   

Monday, October 23, 2017

Sandie has been having a great time adapting to her new home, surroundings and friends.  She has really benefited from this time to settle in - she acts brave but you can tell that she's only recently started to relax and I can imagine that when it's time to find her a new family, she'll want a nice, calm period to adjust to that change as well.  Here's what we've learned about Sandie:

1.  She is very observant.  Did you move a pot of flowers outside?  Sandie will notice and be quite suspicious - she'll let you know with a few meaningful barks that something is different in her world.  Are the neighbors inviting a large crowd over for a party?  Sandie will need to be inside because she will notice the commotion and want to share her concern.

2.  She learns new routines and habits very quickly.  Whenever we welcome a new foster to our house, we always start by feeding them separately just to make sure everyone is comfortable.  For Sandie, we started by feeding her in a kennel so now, whenever it's time to eat she double checks that we're serious and really putting food in the dish (like we've ever tricked her or played games with that!) and then RUNS to her kennel and waits.  We're going to take down the kennel this weekend and think she'll do fine without it but I know she'll miss it for a while.  

3.  She absolutely loves playing with sticks.  Her favorite toy, without question, is a stick.  Can be a big one, little one, doesn't matter.  It brings her such joy that she dances.  Occasionally she'll find a stick and want to stay out in the rain or in the dark to play with it.  Sticks are that special to her.  Store-bought toys aren't quite as exciting although she does enjoy going to the pet store and 'shopping' for toys.  The last time we took her she helped herself to some treats/toys and we didn't have the heart to take them away from her so she came home with new toys which she quickly ditched in favor of -- sticks.

4.  She gets along well with other dogs but has one dog buddy, Winnie, who is her BFF.  They were friends quickly and Sandie has learned a lot about playing from Winnie.  Sandie has developed some pretty fancy footwork and strategies so that Winnie doesn't win every match.

5.  If she can't play with sticks or run in the backyard, Sandie is queen of napping.  She enjoys a good game of bitey face with Winnie, but when that gets old, she naps like a pro.  She has complete run of the house along with the resident dogs when we're away.

6.  Sandie knows sit, down, shake (not her favorite) and walks very nicely on a leash.  She is good at the vet and rides well in the car.  She has not had a single accident in the house (love that!).

Sandie needs just a bit more time before she will be ready for her forever family.  She is a special girl and we want to give her the time she needs before she goes through more change in her life.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

I'm very pleased to introduce Sandie, a beautiful young girl with good house manners and a very sweet personality. She's four years old, current on her shots, heartworm-negative, and in good health. She weighs 55 pounds - could stand to drop just a pound, maybe 2 - with a lovely dark gold coat. She is just a delight.

Sandie lived with her first family for over 3 years and was very well-loved. She knows house manners, can do well in a crate if she has to, respects a baby gate, hasn't had a single accident, and really enjoys being part of the day-to-day life of a family. For whatever reason, her first family, a military family, had to give her up, and she was adopted by another family where her habit of jumping up on the furniture caused a lot of stress for everyone involved, two-legged and four-legged. Sandie was returned to a shelter, and that's where RAGOM got involved. Sandie is settling in her foster home and doing nicely, and we're going to give her time to build her trust and confidence again.

Sandie enjoys playing with other dogs, but would not be a good candidate for a dog park; she's a very energetic doggie playmate, and not all dogs like that kind of thing. She absolutely loves playing with our youngest resident dog, but every once in a while, they get too rambunctious and the playing comes to a halt.

Sandie's perfect household would be one where she could be included in activities and allowed on the furniture. She likes to sneak up on the bed in the middle of the night, although she is comfortable on a dog bed on the floor. She just likes being with her people.

We're still getting to know Sandie and don't know yet how she'll do with children or cats. She has impressed us with how calm and gentle she can be (she takes treats soooo carefully). Her first morning with us, she encountered a frog outside, and it only took one loud "No" to convince her to leave it alone - very nice! It's a bit too soon for Sandie to meet her forever family; she needs a bit of time to adjust from all the changes in her life.  Please check back in and see how Sandie is doing. She really is a gem.

Sunday, September 10, 2017