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  • Age: 9 years, 5 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 49.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


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Satie is a 10.5-month-old, female, spayed, purebred Golden Retriever, who will be turning one year old on January 31, 2016. She was surrendered to RAGOM due to her owner’s increased traveling and inability to bring her with. Satie is completely housebroken, even though she lived the first 10 months of her life as an outdoor dog. She is not destructive in the house unless it is her babies, a.k.a. stuffed toys, or Kleenex that she picks out of the garbage. She has taught Foster Mom to monitor her babies for loose limbs and to empty garbage cans frequently. Satie believes everyone and everything has been put on this earth to be her friend, especially people. She tends to shy away from really hyperactive dogs, but she has gotten the older resident dog to play with her and is still trying to convince the cats that a game of chase is fun. Satie knows basic obedience commands and walks wells on a leash and has excellent recall for her Foster Mom.

Unfortunately, Satie is not available at this point for adoption. In the three weeks that I have had her, she has been treated for coccidia; has had X-rays of her feet and hocks, abdomen and chest, plus lab work; and has been on multiple antibiotics. This poor girl has been through a lot, but maintains a cheerful attitude and continues to follow her FM from room to room and up and down stairs despite her trouble with going down the stairs. Satie has an abnormal gait that is being evaluated. She does have mild hip dysplasia in her left hip and hyperextends her tarsus (joint above her foot) and drags her back feet when walking. When she walks, she needs to walk on grass or wear boots; otherwise, she will wear her toenails down to the point of bleeding. Along with her joint problems, she was evaluated and determined to have canine megaesophagus. Megaesophagus is when the muscles of the esophagus fails and it cannot propel food or water into the stomach. The result is that ingested food or water sits in the esophagus and never makes it to the abdomen and is regurgitated up. At one point, she was regurgitating 15 times a day. FM is feeding her soft food made into meatballs 4 times a day and holding her in an upright position and keeping her in that position for a half hour after she eats. At the present time, Satie is on metoclopramide, Pepcid, and Carafate for her megaesophagus. Satie is also presently being treated for aspiration pneumonia and on antibiotics for that, in adition to all her meds for megaesophagus . Aspiration pneumonia is a serious complication of megaesophagus and it occurs when the digestive fluid/food pools in the esophagus and results in aspiration of digestive fluid/food into the lungs, leading to pneumonia. She went back to the RAGOM vet for more lab work to try and determine the cause of her megaesophagus . There are certain conditions that contribute to megaesophagus and could also be the cause of her joint instability. We are awaiting the results. She will then be going to an internist for further treatment. She will also need to go back to the RAGOM vet for a repeat chest X-ray to make sure her lungs are clear. It will be a long road for this sweet girl.

Satie has challenged the vet and RAGOM with her illnesses and she will be challenging them more before she is healthy. This sweet girl has a ways to go before she is healthy enough to be adoptable and may need continued medication and/or devices to assist her living a healthy and happy life, but she will shower you with Golden Kisses to last a lifetime.


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