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  • Age: 18 years, 7 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 80.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Sponsored by:Kristen Hoeschler O’Brien


December 15, 2010

And here she is ..... Welcome Back Scout (aka Scooter, the Scoutmister, Scootermagrooter)Scout came to visit during the Thanksgiving week and her mom decided having a dog was just too much for her, so Scout has stayed on.  We had the great privilege of fostering Scout before and are more than happy to have her back. Scout is 7 years old, on the smaller size at 53 pounds, loves her people but is very quiet, when she wants to go outside you will hear a very small whimper or she will just give you "the look" - you must be a mind reader though  because she is just not into being overly boisterous.  Scout does not get on the furniture, however, after leaving the living room we have found her snuggled on the couch a couple times.  It really is quite funny because I will try and try to get her to join me and she will not get on the furniture - BUT - when no one is looking ... she will hop up.  When we have come into the living room and found her on the couch, she immediately gets down, it's almost as if she knows that really is not her spot but she just couldn't resist.  Scout does not get on the bed at night, she prefers her very own dog bed.  She will start in our room but we are never too surprised to find her snuggled on a different bed in another room - there are lots of dog beds here to choose from. Scout loves, loves, loves to go on walks, but FM is not a cold weather person, so walks have been in short supply.  Scout has also gotten the short end of the stick around here because we have been busy getting our basement back together after the floods.  She is such a trooper and takes everything in her quiet stride.  Scout will give out a bark if another dog is walking by but she is so easy to redirect.  We do use a gentle leader on walks mainly because she is used to it and she will pull if she sees another dog.  If you just keep walking, not giving her an opportunity to reflect on the other dog, she is just fine.  Scout gets along with our two residents just fine.  PepperAnne (our constant play partner) and Scout will play tug the toy, chase around the dining room table and lazy girls wrestling. Scout is such an easy going, undemanding girl she would fit into any family, with or without another dog, has lived with a cat before (as long as the cat is dog savvy no problems), loves people of all ages, loves to ride in the car and will go with you anywhere you want to go, or, will wait patiently for you to return home from work, does not need a kennel - completely reliable. If you are interested in knowing more about our wonderful girl, give your Placement advisor a call today!

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