At A Glance

  • Age: 15 years, 4 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 100.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


August 11, 2012

It is my pleasure to introduce Shadow 12-280 to the RAGOM family. Shadow and his "little" brother, Lucky 12-281, came into RAGOM's care on Wednesday August 1. Thanks to Barry K. for handling the full transport from South Dakota to Minnesota and then for keeping these two boys for almost 2 days! Then on Friday Aug. 3 another RAGOM volunteer (Bob O.) picked the boys up and drove them closer to where FD worked and I transported these guys back to Prior Lake.

If you have not noticed from the pictures Shadow is one big boy. We went to the vet on Saturday August 4th and got all his vaccinations updated and microchipped. Shadow had a minor double ear infection so we have been giving him medicated drops twice daily. When we put him on the scale at the vet, he weighed 133 pounds. He weighed 46 pounds more than his "little" brother, Lucky. My vet recommended a diet of one cup of dog food twice daily, some vegetables such as green beans and carrots, and an exercise regime.

Fast forward a week and Shadow has gotten the hang of things so well. I think he actually enjoys the "Biggest Loser Doggie Bootcamp" that he is living. This consists of a reduced diet mentioned above coupled with at least one walk a day if not two. We do make enough stops along the way so that he can sniff and mark his favorite trees, street signs, and lamp poles. He has met a number of neighbor dogs, humans and children and he has lots of new "friends". Plus we find enough time each day to give him hugs and kisses. Shadow likes to kiss back too.

Thursday night he went with FD to Chuck and Don's to get some more good diet dog food. He got lots of hugs and tummy rubs from some kids while waiting to check out. He nearly sampled some doggie treats too but FD reined him in just in time. While we were there we had him step on their scale and he weighed in at 124 pounds. At least we know that with the controlled diet and exercise plan we are shedding the excess weight.

Shadow has had free reign from the start and he has not touched anything inappropriate nor had any accidents in the house. It's like he has been here forever with FD's pack. My Indy has tried to get him to play with her playbow antics but so far Shadow just ignores her. If I sneak back in the house he quickly runs to the patio door looking for me. He cried for me a few times when I had closed the door, so I would say Shadow really bonds with his people and wants to be close by.

Shadow and Lucky were born in May 2007 so they are just over 5 years old. They are purebred Golden Retrievers. Shadow has a very dark red coat with the coolest highlights on his back and shoulders. He also has a dark spot on his tongue. He told me to tell you that these are the traits that make him a distinguished handsome boy. You'll just have to meet him in person and find out for yourself.

Shadow's forever home will need:

  • Someone committed to giving him regular daily exercise and feeding him a good dog food. I don't think it would be wise to place him with a family that will not provide walks or runs.
  • He lived with 12 year old twins so I would say he is okay with kids 10 and older. Due to his size I would not recommend someone with toddler or pre-school aged children.
  • A fenced in yard would be ideal. He has noticed rabbits and squirrels on our walks and given the chance I think he would take off in hot pursuit.
  • Another dog would also be ideal. He has always lived with another dog. I am not sure how he would react to being without a canine pal.


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