At A Glance

  • Age: 11 years, 5 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


01/23/07: Here is Shondra! I can't tell you how sweet and gentle this ex-puppy mill mama is. This poor gal has probably had many litters of puppies and very little human contact, but she is a doll!

We have had Shondra for 2 days now and she is GREAT. She exhibits many of the normal puppy mill behaviors including being very shy and, of course being confused about this place called a home. She probably has never been in a home before, never walked up or down steps, never been on a leash, never known a human's love. She smelled like she had never had a bath! Speaking of baths. She was quite apprehensive for her baths( two so far) and laid down the entire time (plugging up the drain!) and when bath time was over, she really didn't want to get out as you can see by the picture!

All in all though, she is doing very well. She respects resident dog Lacy and will do what she does. It is crucial for a puppy mill dog to have another dog in her household so that he or she can learn how a normal dog acts, and also to see the normal interaction between dogs and their owners. Already, Shondra likes to be petted, loves to be brushed (it must feel soooo good!) and at times wags her tail vigorously( usually from the safe lying down position and thumps so hard it sounds like it would hurt!). I think you can guess how great that makes us feel!! She now loves doggie pillows But, her favorite thing is going for walks. She doesn't usually pull, but she also doesn't walk anything close to a straight line! I am just so relieved that she is not afraid of being leashed. The rest will come. And by the way, she knows why she is outside. I don't know why, but she knows not to potty in the house----yeah!

Shondra has a "safe corner" in our laundry room, but also spends time on her doggie pillow, rug or floor in the kitchen. She lays down most of the time. I think it is a submissive thing, but also she is heavy, so it probably feels better. We are working on trimming and toning!

Shondra has had a general check up, has had her shots and has been wormed. All she has left is to be spayed.

It is incredibly rewarding to gain the trust of this wonderful dog. I think Shondra is going to bond fast and bond tight. If you have a resident dog, have a calm and fairly quiet household and would like the devoted love of a very sweet dog, please contact placement.

In her safe corner

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