At A Glance

  • Age: 8 years, 11 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 55.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


Let me introduce myself. My name is Spike. Yep, you heard me right. It is Spike. When you think of "Spike" you may think of a big burly guy, but I am not. I do need to lose 10-12 pounds or so (I weighed 72.3 lbs at the good Doctors) and may have already lost a couple of pounds since I have been here, but to look at me I am not what you would expect for a Spike.  :) I have been to see the good Doctor and I was given a very clean bill of health. I will be 6 on the 14th of October .

Foster mom heard that I am not be real good with dogs that want to play with me, but I have been fine with that. My foster sister, Peanut, wants to play ALL the time and we play a lot together. If I have had enough I let her know and she goes on her way. Usually to one of my other foster siblings. Also it was not known for sure how I would be around other dogs, but I met my two foster sisters and two foster brothers with no problems at all and I get along really well with them.

My fur is curly in some places and foster mom says I am just a cutie patootie. I am a velcro dog and I have to know where foster mom is all the time. I follow her wherever she goes and I just lay down near her. Sometimes I will go to her for some lovin' and to make sure that she knows that I am still here, but then I go lay down again. When she sits on the couch, I jump up and lay down right next to her just in case she wants to pet and love on me. As you can tell I am a people dog. I love hanging out with my peeps and I am always soliciting tummy rubs. I LOVE to roll on my back with all fours in the air. ( Pssst....I know that will get me lots of tummy rubs. Works well.) If I don't think that you are paying enough attention to me and/or petting me enough then I will "talk" to you and let you know that. Hey...that works well also. 

I get along well with kids and usually the cats as well. Sometimes I will run after them but it is not to hurt then, it is to play with them, but the cats think differently on that. Hehe.

I am a very good dog. I know that because foster mom and foster dad tell me that all the time. I come when I am called. I sit nice when asked to do so. When foster mom is fixing my breakfast or supper I lay quietly out of her way and just wait. Unlike my foster brothers and sisters who are under foot. I have free roam of the house when foster mom and foster dad are not home and I am not destructive. I think that goes along with foster mom telling me that I am such a good dog. I really don't think that I can be told tooooo many times that I am a good dog.  :)

There was a little storm the other night with thunder boom booms and I was just fine, but I am told that if that was to happen when I was outside that I would run to the door and paw at the door to be let in. But I acted like I didn't even hear it.

If you want one of the bestest puppers who has lots and lots of lovin' to give than I am the perfect pupper for you. I really would like a furever home where someone was home most of the time or at least part of the day. But if not, I think that I would really like the company of another pupper to have around. Foster mom is just not telling me I am a good boy to be telling me that. I really am one of the bestest puppers and you would not be disappointed at all. So if you feel that I am the pupper for you and your family and you want all the livin' you can get than I am the boy for you. So please let your placement advisor know and you can meet me and see for yourself just how wonderful I am. Hope to see you soon.


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