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  • Age: 14 years, 7 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


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"In memory of Ch Fallchase Made in the Shade CGC"


Happy New Year, Stanley, from Mary C.!  Happy New Year, Stanley, from Mary S.!


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Welcome Stanley to the RAGOM family!  Stanley came from a breeder in Iowa.  He is an 8 year old Golden Retriever and is just the sweetest boy!  He is quickly learning about how great life is, such as dog beds, high quality food and treats, and constant attention!

Stanley is healthy and had a good vet report.  His senior blood panel showed that his internal organs and blood chemistry look great and he has no health concerns!  His teeth needed attention and he did have an intestinal parasite, which he has been treated for.  He does have a callous on his snout from rubbing his face on the kennel door.  We have noticed that his fur is growing back in this spot and since he is no longer rubbing on the kennel, it should heal nicely.  Last week, Stanley was neutered and had a dental, and had 2 teeth removed.  He came home feeling great and surgery hasn't phased him one bit.  He is up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and ready for his forever family!  Stanley is currently 74 pounds, down from 78 pounds, and his ideal weight is probably around 65 pounds.  He is a little chunky, but with a measured amount of high quality food and exercise, he is quickly becoming healthier and slimming down.


This boy is so social and friendly!  He craves love and attention!  He is quite active and energetic for an 8 year old.  He likes to play with our almost 2 year old Golden.  Despite coming from a breeder, he does not display any of the behaviors we usually see from dogs in these situations.  He loves people and is very happy.  He is still getting used to some things in the house (he likely never had been in one before), but he is quickly learning how awesome it is to be a house dog!  He has met adults and kids of all ages and gets along great with everyone.  We would not hesitate to place him with a family with children.  He has been around an 8 year old and 12 year old in our home and done great.  He has completely ignored our cats and has gotten along with every dog he has met.  He is a submissive dog that is happy to let other dogs be in charge.  He is playful and would love a playmate in his forever home.  However, we feel that he would also do well as an only dog if he got to have play dates or interaction with other dogs on a regular basis.

Stanley16241c1.jpg           Stanley16241c2.jpg

Stanley knows no commands, although we are working on the basics - come, sit, etc.  He is very treat motivated, so that is helpful with the training process!  He is doing well with potty training.  He had one accident the first few days, and none since.  We currently crate him when we leave, but I think he would be ok with free roam after some practice.  Stanley doesn't mind his crate and often goes in it to nap when we are home.  The first few days in foster care, Stanley managed to escape out of the front fenced yard.  We aren't sure if he jumped the approx 4 foot picket fence, or if he managed to squeeze his body under it.  Luckily, a neighbor caught him quickly and we now keep him on a long line or tieout to prevent it from happening again.  We have reinforced the area we think he could have possibly squeezed under, and will continue to monitor to see if he tries to jump or escape again (while safely on a leash of course!).  He does well on a tie-out, so a fence isn't required.  We can't say for certain if he will or won't jump a 4 foot fence, but he definitely is safely contained in our backyard, which has a 6 foot fence.  Now that he is neutered, his urge to wander is likely to decrease, however, it is possible that this behavior will continue.  I do feel that as he's bonding with us; he's becoming more Velcro and wants to be with us constantly.  This may keep him from wandering as he bonds with his forever family.


Stanley was a little nervous during the transport car ride, but did better when going to the vet last week.  He did have another dog with him, and I think he found comfort in that.  We have been working on taking short, fun car rides to show him that car rides are a good thing!  Stanley is very playful and loves toys and playing fetch.  He is a very active senior boy and would love an active family to call his own!  He shows no resource guarding or anxieties.  We did have very bad thunderstorms a few days in a row and it didn't bother him.  He was hesitant going in the wet grass the first time it rained, but it hasn't been an issue since.  We live in town on a busy road, and the traffic and people walking by don't bother him.  He is not a barker, which is a nice change from our resident Goldens! 

Do you think Stanley could be a match for your family?  Please contact your placement advisor today!  Don't miss out on this incredible senior boy...we know you will love him as much as we do!

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