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  • Age: 14 years
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


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Introducing.....Tempe!  Tempe is a 5-year-old Purebred Golden Retriever from Iowa, is 77 lbs, is spayed, and all up to date and healthy.  She is 100% love and cute as a button!  The vet said she could lose a little bit of weight, but we've been working on that.  Other than the weight issue, she is healthy as a....dog...and is ready for all your love and affection!

Tempe came from a loving home in Iowa, but was surrendered because the previous owner was moving and couldn't take her along.  The new homeowners took Tempe in,  but could not keep her due to shedding.  Tempe came up here a few weeks ago and has been a great houseguest since the minute she entered the house.  We haven't had an accident yet (knock on wood),  she kennels well, sleeps in the kennel at night, and can go up to 8 hours without going outside.  I'm not sure what she would do with free roam of the house, but I think she could probably handle it. 

Tempe also loves kitties!  She is curious, and loves to lick them with affection, but the feelings aren't mutual- our persnickety kitty Thor is not a huge fan of having a big dog licking his fur.  She does fine with the cats otherwise, as long as they are dog-savvy.  No only does she love kitties, she seems to love small puppies.  It makes me wonder if in her past, she had a litter of puppies, because she seemed to be my brother's puppy's surrogate momma.  She was very good with the 10-week-old puppy!

Tempe loves to play fetch.  There is one ball she loves in particular- the orange squeaky ball.  It no longer squeaks since it has been crunched to an oblivion by her jaws, but she still loves it regardless.  She will fetch it as many times as you will throw it!  When you don't feel like throwing it anymore, she'll leave you alone.  Until she finds....

......her most favorite thing in the entire world.  Your hands.  This dog is a little obsessive over hands.  If you have hands, she will love you forever.  I'm not sure I've met a dog that loves hands as much as she does!  Petting sessions are her favorite, and she loves to sit next to you while you watch tv.

Tempe is an AMAZING dog, is super easy to please, and just wants some love and attention.  I bet she would love kids as well.  If you think this mellow ball of fur could fit into your lifestyle, let your placement adviser know! She would love to meet you.  Oh, and your hands. :-)






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