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  • Age: 13 years
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 59.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Sponsored by:Cindy G., Kraelyn (08-062) & Lilly (10-042)
~ Pawing it forward! Congratulations on your successful surgery! ~

Hello Sweet Tessa!  Welcome to RAGOM!  You can’t keep this little girl down…

Tessa is an 11 month-old pure-bred GR, and was surrendered to RAGOM after being hit by a truck in her neighborhood. She broke her left front leg near the elbow and had a nearly 360 degree laceration around her left ankle.  

Her owner couldn’t afford the surgery she needed and surrendered her into our care.
Tessa is a furry ball of energy who just wants to be with/next to/on top of the people she is with!  She loves to have her belly and ears scratched and I suspect she will be a very playful girl once she isn’t hampered by the terrible-horrible-no-good-really-bad cone, and the orders from the mean, old vet who wants her to stay quiet while her leg heals (Seriously!  What is wrong with that guy?!?).   Tessa is pretty sure he doesn’t know what he is talking about, because she thinks it is just fine to jump, run, roll and play despite what must be considerable pain!  Keeping her calm really equals keeping her in her crate… Fortunately for her, FM does have to take her to the bathroom once in a while and she takes complete advantage – Getting as much action as possible into the 10 feet from the crate to the door, down the two steps to the yard, and for the duration of the 30 seconds it takes her to do her business.

We are waiting for some more information from the vet she originally saw in South Dakota to determine where to go medically from here, but this is what we know so far:  The open fracture of her ulna has been surgically repaired and the vet is optimistic about her future leg function.  The staples from the surgery are still in, but will be removed in the next few days.    She has a large fluid pocket over the elbow (the vet will decide whether or not to drain it when we see him again this week) and the entire leg remains swollen, as well.  The stitches placed around the cut on her ankle have been removed, but the area is raw because she keeps catching the scabs on her e-collar and knocking them off.  After talking to the vet, we are going to try wrapping it up to see if we can protect the scab long enough for it to heal up!

Here are her vitals:

11 Months old (b. 7.6.09)
Approximately 60 lbs (could stand to lose a few, especially considering her leg)
Only one accident in the house so far (FM’s fault as I thought I could do “one more thing” before I let Tessa out)

Crate trained and likes to hang out in there

Knows her name and some basic commands, “sit”, “come”, “kennel”, but not “stay”

Gets along great with other dogs, but is so people-focused I think she would be fine by herself as well
Probably cat approved (wants to chase, but stops immediately when I call her and shows no aggression)

Loves kids (but may knock over little ones until we can help her get her jumping under control)
Will need either a physical or invisible fence (got hit chasing a dog)

This is a high-energy girl who will be ready to romp once her leg heals!  She will be a super pet for anyone who loves to be bowled over with puppy energy and slathered with kisses and love! More to come as we get to know Tessa!  


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