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  • Age: 11 years, 5 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


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Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 2.20.16 not requiredover 10 yrs old Optional Yes 
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RAGOM family, meet Tucker! Fostered in Bovey, MN (near Grand Rapids). 

Tucker is an absolutely gorgeous 3 year old purebred (AKC registered) Golden Retriever boy.  He is on the small side for a pure bred male Golden at 56 pounds, but the Vet says his lean, athletic body condition is ideal for him.  He sports an easy care, wash and wear, dark golden (red) shorter coat typical of "field bred" Golden Retrievers.  His vet check confirmed that everything about Tucker is in perfect health and condition. Tucker had his shots updated and he has a neuter appointment on February 29th.  Tucker is looking forward to meeting a lucky forever family sometime in early March.  

Tucker was a full-time house dog in his first family, living with 5 children under the age of 6 and a cat. Tucker's loving family tearfully surrendered him to RAGOM due to Tucker's growing impatience living with so many really young children.  For this reason, he MUST go to a forever family that does not have children under 10!  In his first home, Tucker got along well with the family cat - they even slept together! He was an only dog and has not been tested with another dog.  He was never crated.  Tucker's owner taught him basic obedience, manners and to hunt.  We have promised Tucker's first family that he will go to a home that is as awesome as Tucker is!  The training, time, love and affection given to Tucker by his first family combined with Tucker's easy going, pleasing personality give him an amazing foundation that will make Tucker a treasured friend and companion in his forever home.   

Tucker seemed well settled into his foster home after only 2 days. He has free roam of the house, sleeps on the floor in our bedroom and has shown almost ZERO negative behaviors. He adapted well to a new resident cat - allowing her to be "the boss" and mostly ignoring her. He has not been tested with another dog.  He did mark a heavily "female dog" scented chair when he first came in the door at our house - a common behavior for males who are not neutered. Neutering may help eliminate this behavior.  He has not attempted to mark or had any accidents since that first one, so I am confident in saying he is completely housebroken.

Tucker is a true gentleman in all ways! Here are things I LOVE about Tucker: he looks for leadership and approval from foster parents, learns quickly and adapts well to new situations, consistently respects commands and expectations, is pleasant and friendly with strangers, accepts grooming and handling (even shots from the vet) with no complaints or aggression, rides well in the car, takes treats gently, walks well on a flat RAGOM martingale collar, has great recall on a long line, has a true Golden temperament that transitions from fun playmate to calm couch potato instantly, and prefers to be with people at all times.  He seems "birdy" and willing to quarter in brush and deep snowbanks on the long line and marks balls well. Seems to know sit, stay, wait, come with sit, down, leave it.  Very treat motivated! 

Tucker's fantastic demeanor speaks volumes about how well his first owner loved and cared for him! 

Two things we are working on are: getting him to release toys and occasional barking/growling.  He has never taken ANY inappropriate objects, but will NOT release balls, dog toys, etc. during play.  He will usually trade for another object, but does not want to "give".  He is not aggressive, but locks onto the toy and will not release.  He wanted to tear up and eat a stuffed toy, so he might not be safe with stuffed toys. Tucker barked and growled when my husband came out from another room and when my husband was outside. He does have a big, scary sounding voice!  Tucker may have been startled, reacting to new surroundings, or he may think his voice is being protective. Tucker stopped barking immediately when asked and showed no further aggression when my husband came over and petted him.  We will work on the growling and "give". 

Tucker enjoys free roam when we are home with NO problems!  He has never been crated, but goes willingly into a crate when asked.  He is kept in our bathroom when we leave (mostly to keep cat and dog separate for now), with no apparent anxiety or noise.  We are greeted with a really happy Tucker dance when we come home!  He asks to go out with pacing, a "Golden nudge" and a paw.  He would LOVE to be someone's  perfect long walk or running buddy (spring IS coming!). I believe Tucker's training foundation, natural smarts and desire to please would also make him an outstanding agility or obedience prospect. I think he would even be perfect as a 4H dog training project, as I believe an older child could learn to train and handle him.

Please contact your placement adviser if you are interested in meeting Tucker.  Tucker is an amazing GEM of a dog.  He will be available to meet his lucky forever family sometime in early March following recovery from his neuter surgery.  Thanks for reading all about Tucker!  He would LOVE to meet you! 

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