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  • Age: 10 years, 7 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 82.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


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Vinnie- Sending some cheer your way! ️Xoxo, Erinn   Vinnie- Sending some cheer your way! ️Xoxo, Erinn

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11/26/2014 RequiredYes!Optional Yes!
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Vinnie is a very special 2.5- to 3-year-old purebred male Golden Retriever. Why is Vinnie so special, you might ask? Well, Vinnie (I've not looked up the meaning of Vinnie's name, but I have to believe it has something to do with angels) is special because he has many guardian angels looking out for him. Here is Vinnie's story so far. . . .

Tuesday, November 25th: Vinnie, who likes to chase cars, goes missing from his home in rural southern MN.

Wednesday, November 26th: Carla, a sheriff in southern MN, making her rounds on the back roads of southern MN, sees something in the ditch, probably another deer. She stops and finds a Golden Retriever with obvious rear leg/hip injuries. Carla carefully loads the unknown, injured Golden into her squad car and drives him to the nearest vet. Dr Diane confirms that this beautiful Golden has a broken leg and possibly other injuries. She does not have X-ray equipment or the resources to provide the extensive care this guy needs, so a call to our RAGOM hotline is placed. At the same time, social media is being used to locate the owner.

Vinnie when found

Within hours, we spoke to the owner of Vinnie who was not able to afford thousands in medical care and sadly surrendered him to RAGOM so we could provide necessary emergency care. An urgent transport request was sent out to our volunteers for someone to pick up Vinnie so he could move to an emergency vet in the Twin Cities metro area. Even though it was Thanksgiving eve, Jackie and Dick R quickly offered to pick up Vinnie and meet another transporter so he could move as soon as possible. Driving conditions were not the best, but that did not stop our volunteers from making sure Vinnie received the care he required. Again, within hours, Vinnie was safely transported to an emergency vet and X-rays confirmed our fears. His right rear femur was broken in several places and he would need an orthopedic surgeon to repair the leg....if the leg could be saved. Vinnie was hospitalized so he could receive IV pain meds and stabilization.

Thursday, November 27th (Thanksgiving Day): Vinnie has much to be thankful for. His team of angels has gone from Carla, Diane, Dick, Jackie, Denise, and the techs and vets at the emergency clinic to an entire village of RAGOM folks who are praying for Vinnie to recover. As his temporary foster, I visit him at the emergency vet. They reported he was doing OK, but would not eat and did not want to move. So, I brought him a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers. Vinnie is a meat-and-potatoes guy. Mashed potatoes and turkey were his favorites, and by the time I left, he had gotten up to go outside and ate a second dinner provided by the staff of the emergency vet....yes, another turkey dinner!!

Merry Christmas to Vinnie


Friday, November 28th: Vinnie is moved to the orthopedic surgeon so he can be evaluated for surgery. The surgeon feels there is a good chance his leg can be saved, but will not know until she does the actual surgery. Vinnie is stable on oral pain meds and antibiotics. Surgery is scheduled for Monday morning and Vinnie is able to come home with me for the weekend.

Saturday, November 29th: Vinnie is doing very well. He is eating boiled turkey and rice with a mix of cottage cheese or mashed potatoes. He does not want to eat kibble. Could be that I already spoiled him or that his mouth hurts from being hit by a vehicle. Vinnie is able to get himself up on his own, but I keep him confined to an x-pen for 90% of his day. He is great about taking his meds, seems fine with my dogs, and is housebroken!!! Vinnie wanted to walk a bit when outside, he did not want to pee until we walked to a tree and he tried to lift his broken leg, so he could pee!!!

Sunday, November 30th: Vinnie continues to do very well. He is stronger today, walking well with the use of a sling and is able to get on and off the love himself. He really does not want help getting up and down, so now I just stand by until he is on his feet and then put his sling on him so we can walk. He met my resident dogs without issue. I still keep them separate as I do not want my dogs to bump into him or injure him. He is eating great, giving tons of kisses, and is so happy and grateful. You can just see it in his eyes. Please continue to send positive thoughts and prayers for Vinnie. His surgery is scheduled for 12/01/2014. We will update you after that. Vinnie will also move to a permanent foster in Iowa for his recovery and rehab.


Thank you all for your help and support for Vinnie, the dog with multiple guardian angels. Please go here to make donations towards Vinnie's care.........

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