At A Glance

  • Age: 16 years, 1 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


Welcome to Walter's World!  Old Walt arrived in the USA on Friday, April 8th after a long flight from Turkey.  He has been at his foster home since the early morning of Saturday, April 9th. Walter was rescued from a shelter in Turkey.  He spent some time with volunteers before his flight to America who lovingly cared for him.  Walter is a handsome blonde gentleman weighing in at 56lbs.  He has been instructed to gain about 10lbs by his new doctor.  He was treated for what was thought to be mange prior to arriving.  We are waiting on some tests to determine if he actually has mange, a food allergy or some sort of bacterial issue.  He has balding on his belly, hind end and small portions of his legs.  Currently he is receiving an OTC medicine for his "itchies".  He will be "unavailable" until we work out his medical issues.

Walter has also tested positive for Ehrlicia, which is a tick-borne disease.  We started Doxycylcine treatment today. With this treatment he should fully recover from this disease.

Walt is a very mellow old fellow.  He takes treats oh so gently, loves to be petted, and will come and sit down next to you and put his face in your lap. Walter LOVES dog beds!  We have not seen him lay on the floor in the house at all!  He is potty trained - not one accident. He likes to ride in the car.  We have helped him in but he jumps out on his own - he refuses assistance! He behaved like a perfect gentleman at our two vet visits and the entire staff loves him.  Walter also walks fantastically on the leash.  We have gone on short walks as he needs to build up stamina - he was having a hard time walking when he left the shelter.  He also loves to play fetch and have a ball near him at all times.

Walter is loving his new life and is hoping he just might get some sponsorships to help pay for his medical care.  He is a spunky guy with a zest for life and he only deserves the best to be a happy, healthy boy.


The A family

"Welcome and love from Craig, Laurie, Alasdair, and Berit"

Bonnie, Clark and Randi

"Rest in peace, sweet boy"


"In loving memory of Geppetto's friend Walter"


Happy Spring! Looking forward to meeting you! Enjoy your senior years, you deserve it!

In memory of our RAGOM boy Champion 09-041 and his predecessor Dexter. Bob and Carole S.

Happy Spring! Welcome to the USA handsome boy. From Debbie and Smoozer

Happy Spring! Senior dogs are so special! From Wendy Strachota

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