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  • Age: 15 years, 2 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Entered Foster Care Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
1/25/2014Not required Age 10+ Optional Not tested 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Please help us welcome West to the RAGOM family.  This adorable boy was found as a stray and had to spend time in doggy jail waiting for his family to find him.  Sadly, no one stepped forward to claim West so he was turned over to the Humane Society.  It was obvious something was terribly wrong with West's eyes so our friends at the Humane Society immediately took West to the vet.  It was determined that West needed to have his left eye removed, and had little to no vision remaining in his right eye.  The Humane Society took care of West's medical needs and then asked RAGOM to help West find his forever home.  We picked up West as soon as he was given the all clear from his surgery and it didn't take him long to make himself at home!

In spite of all West has been through in the last couple of weeks he is as sweet and lovable as they come.  We have no experience with blind dogs so along with West's help we have been figuring things out as we go.  The fact that West is extremely intelligent and wants to please is making this a very enjoyable experience.  West is simply amazing!  For example, we have three steps up to our living room.  We have been using the phrases "step up" and "step down" to warn West when he's getting close to the steps.  On West's second night with us I was letting him do some exploring off leash.  When he got to the steps going down from the living room I said "step down".  West crouched down and put his paw out to feel for the top step.  He then did a mad dash down the three steps, spun around and ran back up the steps, and then repeated the process.  He ended his show with a play bow towards me and a big grin on his face.  What  goofball!

We're still getting to know West but here's what we can tell you so far.  West is a neutered male Golden Retriever mix weighing 39#.  West's date of birth is estimated to be 01/08.  Other than his blindness, his only other health issue is he's being treated for round worms.  West kept his kennel clean at the pound and Humane Society and has had no accidents at our house.  West is very comfortable in a crate.  We crate him while we are at work, and he sleeps quietly in a crate in our bedroom at night.

West LOVES his walks.  You would have no idea he is blind when he's out on a walk.  He likes to be in front and walks along at a very brisk pace.  West had no problem joining our walking routine.  We do a mile walk right away in the morning, 2-3 miles after work, and then another mile stroll after dinner.  I'm sure West hopes the walks are longer and more frequent on the weekends!

West was very uncomfortable when he first met resident Josie, a 70# Golden Retriever.  He displayed his discomfort with some nasty growling.  After a side by side walk, West decided Josie meant him no harm.  West is now OK with any interaction with Josie when we're outside, but if she approaches him too quickly in the house he will occasionally give her a warning growl.  However, if West does the approach he will nudge Josie with his nose, bat at her with his front paws, and play bow.  We really think West would love to play with Josie but he has strict orders of no rough housing until his stitches are removed.  Fortunately Josie is used to have foster dogs in the house and takes this all in stride.

West does not like to have Josie close by when he eats, he will stand over his food bowl and growl.  We usually feed all dogs at the same time in our mud room, but in West's case we made an exception and he now enjoys private dining in our master bath.  Since we don't know how long West was a stray, or what he had to do so survive, I guess we can't blame him for wanting to guard his food from other dogs.  It doesn't bother West when I'm next to him when he eats, and he's fine with me picking up his bowl when he's done, so for now we'll say his food guarding issues are limited to guarding from other dogs.

If you think you might be that special person that wants to make this special boy a member of your family, please contact your placement advisor.

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