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  • Age: 9 years, 11 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


"Beautiful!" -Anonymous friend


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
7/13/2016 Physical fence required
Ages 10+
Not required
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Welcome Willow 16-103 to RAGOM. While not a lot is known about Willow's previous life, one thing for sure is that she loves to be loved. Willow was surrendered to another animal shelter who asked RAGOM to take her in. She is close to 2 years old, as far as we know, and is at an ideal weight of 50 pounds. She is house-trained as she has had no accidents since being with me. She is able to go many hours without needing to go outside. I have let her have free roam when I am gone, and she is just fine. No destructive behaviors.

In her short life, Willow has been bounced around a bit and has some fears and insecurities. She is quite vocal around new dogs and people, but with proper introductions, she will warm up pretty well. She does best with other dogs who are smaller and not in her face. She does have times of great exuberance where she jumps on anyone present. But she is getting better and we are working very hard on eliminating this behavior. This happens the most when I come home, in the morning, or when we are going outside. Her energy level is high, but she entertains herself with the toys, and the tennis ball is her best friend. She will chase it as long as you will throw it. She would make a good running partner or perhaps do agility training. She's very smart and catches on quickly.

Willow is just a sweetheart! She loves to cuddle and loves to be petted. To the right home, she will just be a wonderful addition. If you think you might be that home, contact your placement advisor.

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