Ziggy 17-149


Meet Ziggy. He is a love bug who loves to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY! You will never have to worry about him leaving your side.

At a Glance #17-149

Labrador Retriever Born: June 2012
Male 60 lbs

Status: Adopted

Ziggy's Well-wishers

Abigail D
"To my beloved--Steve S. Love you!"
Pam P and Janet E
"From Jessie 13-324--Hang in there, Ziggy. Good times are coming!"


Meet Ziggy. He is a love bug who loves to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY! You will never have to worry about him leaving your side.


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

This is Ziggy here and I am going to tell you about a wonderful adventure that I had. See, my foster mom had to go out of town for a few days and needed to find a sitter for me. Well, this really nice lady named Auntie Kay (another RAGOM volunteer) said that she would sit for me. She met foster mom and took me to her house for a week.

I had a really good time that week and was a very good visiter. When I got there Auntie Kay introduced me to her pack of 5. (Yes, that was 5.) We all got along really well, but all I wanted to do was to PLAY PLAY PLAY with my favorite toy that I brought along with me.

After we went into the house we all got fed, but I was too excited and would not eat my supper, but believe me, I ate every meal after that.  :) I just ignored the cats as if they were not even there.

I also met this very nice man named Uncle Bob. He played a lot with me during the week. I kept hearing Auntie Kay and Uncle Bob saying that even though I was not a Golden that I did have a very big Golden heart. They said that I was an honorary Golden. I sure hope that is a good thing. I also heard them say several times that I was a very very good boy and who ever adopted me were going to be very very lucky.

I take treats ever so nicely and I walk pretty nice on a leash too. There were lots of new smells so I did pull a little to get to those smells, but all in all I walked pretty good on the leash. I slept in the bedroom every night on a very comfy dog bed. I'm here to tell you that I am a velcro dog. 

You don't have to worry about me getting lost because I will not leave your side. I had a lot of fun taking all of the toys out of the toy basket until I found just the right toy or ball to play with or the right bone to chew on. But I was the perfect gentleman when I was at Auntie Kay's and Uncle Bob's and they said that they would sure miss me when I went back home to foster mom.

As it has been said before, I like to PLAY PLAY PLAY so if you are interested in me then you also have to have a lot of energy or someone in your house that has a lot of energy to play with me. I will also give you all the love that you want and be very loyal to you. 

If you think that I would be the right pupper for you and your family, please submit an Application for Inquiry form. If you have already submitted an Inquiry for Application, send an email to applicationatragom [dot] org with my name and RAGOM number (17-149), the name you submitted the Inquiry for Application under, and a sentence or two or three explaining why you feel your home would be a good match for me.

Believe me, you will not be disappointed in me at all. I will be your bestest friend for sure.

Auntie Kay said we had to stop playing because I was getting tired and I didn't believer her. Guess she was right because I took a nap when we came in.
Did someone say it was supper time?

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Ziggy's eyes have been fixed! He has undergone surgery that removed his cataracts in both eyes. He has been such a trooper through this whole process and behaved better than I could expect out of any dog. After surgery he had to wear a cone for a few weeks and has had numerous eye drops to help his eyes heal. He sits so nicely every time for his eye drops when most dogs would run and hide. He has taken the surgery and healing process like a champ!

I think he is still getting used to his improved fetching ability. He will still circle sometimes like he used to when he was searching for a toy. But he finds the toy quickly and hurries on back. He even demonstrated some cool sliding over the toy grabbing ability (makes me think of when baseball players slide over a base). Which was fun to watch him show some extra athletic ability now that he can see what he's grabbing!

I do have a correction to make from my last post... he has figured out that he does enjoy to snuggle in bed on occasion! I think he can now see while he is on the bed so he doesn't have a fear of falling. He is very polite with his bed/snuggling manners. The way he snuggles is to just rest his chin and maybe a paw on you. He has never woken me up by moving around and usually I will wake up to find him off of the bed. I'm sure he would still be easy to convince a dog bed is a better option if his future adoptor doesn't want him on the bed.

Since the cold has hit I'm sure we are all missing the warm weather. So here is a fun picture of when Ziggy was enjoying the benefits of summer (or warm fall in this case).

If you think Ziggy would be a good fit for your home, please submit an Application for Inquiry form or if you have already filled one out, send an email to applicationatragom [dot] org noting your interest in Ziggy and why you would be a good fit.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Ziggy is a 5 year old lab that came into RAGOM because his surrendering family didn't feel they could give him the time and attention he deserved. He has some partial blindness from cataracts that we are hoping can be treated, but at this point cannot confirm one way or another. He is completely house broken and I have not seen any destructive tendencies (with the exception of the occasional toy) and no food aggression. He does great with dogs, cats and kids. Because of his partial blindness I would suggest a home with older children or dog savvy children.

Ziggy is one of the happiest dogs you will meet. He is always ready for an adventure. He would love someone who likes to go on runs/walks/hiking. You will have a hard time wearing this one out. Once he is tired give him a 30 minute break and he will be ready to jump back in! But you don't even have to leave the house for the fun. A game of fetch out back will do nicely. If you're looking for a partner in crime for some never ending fun Ziggy may be the one!

Ziggy appears to have had some good training as a puppy. His house training is great. He has plenty of energy outside, but mellows out inside. He does not want on the couch or bed. The first week as a foster he wanted on the couch or in bed a few times, but once he settled in that has gone away. Nothing phases this dog. Storms, vacuums, fireworks etc. are all ok. We are reviewing some basic training. When he gets excited (dinner time or to go outside) he is asked to sit. He is now sitting right away and holding in for a short time. He knows how to lay down but we are getting sit perfect before we "review" that. He isn't always sure about getting in a vehicle. I believe that is partially from him not being able to see everything. But once he realized that is what is being asked just let him take his time and he will get in there just to please you (and the ice cream and puppy latte trips probably help). He is a high energy dog that wants to be someone's best friend. 

If you think Ziggy would be a good fit in your home, please submit an Application for Inquiry form or if you have already filled one out, send an email to applicationatragom [dot] org noting your interest in Ziggy and why you would be a good fit.