Exhaustive Study ​​​​​​​Is Tracking More Than 3,000 Golden Retrievers

Exhaustive Study ​​​​​​​Is Tracking More Than 3,000 Golden Retrievers

If you have a Golden Retriever or know someone who does, you might have heard about the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study—a monumental effort to uncover the factors associated with cancer and other major diseases in dogs and improve prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Researchers from the Morris Animal Foundation and Colorado State University are studying more than 3,000 Golden Retrievers from across the country. All dogs were enrolled prior to their second birthday and will be closely monitored throughout their lives.

In addition to biological samples and data collected by their veterinarians, the dogs’ owners document and report on every factor in their dogs’ lives: diet and the type of bowls they use, where they sleep, what they chew on, if they get their teeth brushed, and countless other activities that seem mundane but could uncover a significant risk factor that future dog owners can easily change.

The study has generated a lot of press, including an article in the Washington Post, written by Karin Brulliard and published December 14, 2017: “How 3,000 very good golden retrievers could help all dogs live longer

Learn more about the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, including research updates and stories about the dogs enrolled: https://caninelifetimehealth.org/