Foster homes needed

Foster homes needed

RAGOM is experimenting with a foster program for dogs rescued from commercial breeding. So far, the pilot program has made a big impact. We’ve been able to rescue a record number of dogs in the past few months. We’re thrilled that these special dogs aren’t suffering anymore; now they’re valued for who they are instead of how many puppies they produce.

There are so many more dogs in need of rescue, but we need your help! If we can attract enough foster volunteers, we can take in even more. If you haven’t fostered before, we will support you and walk you through the process. All veterinary costs are covered by RAGOM. Those who foster a dog rescued from commercial breeding have the option to adopt them before the dog is placed on the Adoptable Dogs website page.

We are desperate for foster homes. Can you help?

Because they have never known life outside of a cage, dogs rescued from commercial breeding tend to be fearful, and lack basic skills like walking through doorways or up a flight of stairs. But helping them succeed is incredibly rewarding. Watch a video of Herbert, one of the dogs we recently rescued from an auction, learning how to walk down steps here.



  • If you have children in the home, they should be 10 years or older and dog-savvy
  • Need a medium or large (at least 35 pounds) confident dog to mentor your foster dog. (Learn more about why this is necessary.)
  • You do not need a fenced yard, but you need a plan to keep the dog safe. Dogs rescued from commercial breeding are flight risks because they startle easily.

Interested? Want to know more? Visit the Foster section of our website, and contact [email protected] Let’s give these dogs a chance at a golden life!