Good News—Caddy Is Now a United States Citizen!

Good News—Caddy Is Now a United States Citizen!

RAGOM rescues nine Turkish dogs—including Caddy, who is blind

This is a follow-up to the article published on April 23, 2019: Help Keep Blind Dog Caddy off the Streets.

Caddy is a blind senior dog that RAGOM hoped to save from the streets of Turkey. With the support of many RAGOM donors, we were able to rescue Caddy—as well as eight additional Turkish Goldens.

Chevy, Ford, Sierra, Camry, Kia, and Bentley arrived via a cargo plane late Sunday night. To say it was challenging to get these dogs to the U.S. would be an understatement. It was a very long weekend for the dogs, as well as for the volunteers handling logistics and transport.

After almost 48 hours in limbo at the Istanbul airport, the first six dogs finally boarded the plane. Our fellow rescuers in Turkey took amazing care of them while they waited, ensuring the dogs were able to walk around, play, and relax at the airport. We’re so grateful for their help.

And on Monday night, a flight volunteer from Turkey escorted sweet Caddy, along with Malibu and Yukon.

Caddy has settled in with his foster family and he’s made himself right at home. His foster reported, “He is the sweetest, gentlest boy. He did a lot of exploring in the backyard. Of course then he chose the yuckiest part of our yard to take a nap. Later he cuddled on a thick memory foam bed and slept once again.”

(Photo at top) Safe and feeling loved, Caddy relaxes at his foster home. (Above) After many delays, a few of the dogs stretch their legs and play.

RAGOM has now rescued more than 100 dogs from Turkey, where thousands of dogs struggle to survive on their own in forests and on the streets of cities like Istanbul. Municipal shelters are overcrowded, and few people are interested in adopting.

The dogs from this latest group have all settled into their foster homes. They will be available for adoption when their foster families have determined the type of family and home situation that best suits each dog. Watch our Adoptable Dogs page for their individual web pages and requirements to be posted.

RAGOM thanks everyone involved in saving these dogs:

  • The volunteers who spent countless hours on both sides of the world ensuring the dogs were comfortable, safe, and well-cared for
  • Everyone who donated or sent good thoughts or prayers
  • And the foster families who are welcoming these dogs into their homes

We are so grateful. Where there is a will, there is a way, and together we have transformed the lives of these nine special dogs.

To learn more about the Golden Retrievers in Turkey and RAGOM’s efforts to rescue them, see our International Outreach Dogs page.