Health & Wellness

Health and wellness

Good nutrition, fresh water, exercise, grooming, and regular vet care (including vaccinations as well as heartworm, flea, and tick prevention) are essential to your dog's health. But even the hardiest dog can become ill or need urgent medical attention. In addition to having your veterinarian's contact information handy, become familiar with emergency pet care options closest to your home.


Animal Poison Control - ASPCA


Blue-Green Algae

Fear Free Eye Treatment (#thankstomaddie)

Flea and Tick Prevention Prevents Disease

Hazardous to Pets

Is Your Home Ready for Your New Rescue Dog?

MNSNAP - Spay Neuter Assistance Program

Pet 411: Protect Your Pets from Unsafe Foods (Blue Pearl)

Vet Info 4 Dogs (Vet Info)


Nutrition Tips


Dog Grooming Tips (AHS)

Fear Free Ear Cleaning (#thankstomaddie)

Fear Free Tooth Brushing (#thankstomaddie)