Meet Andy

Meet Andy

His love for goldens started when his brother called and said a seven-year-old golden retriever needed a new home because his current home had a young boy who was allergic to him.

“Koda came into my life on December 19, 2014, when he came bounding down the steps, burst out of the house, looped around me, and played with me for five minutes before we could get in the house,” Andy said. “He wasn’t seven-years-old, but rather seven-months-old. And from that moment on, Koda would not leave my side, and I wanted him as much as he wanted me.”

The following year Andy met a volunteer from RAGOM who told him that he and Koda must attend Goldzilla. Andy set up a fundraiser page for Goldzilla and then experienced an incredible event!

“When Koda and I went to the beach with all the dogs swimming and chasing tennis balls, Koda started to vibrate with excitement. So many beautiful dogs and such good-hearted people, I knew I wanted to be part of this organization. They needed me for the Goldzilla planning team, and that’s where I went,” said Andy.

Andy also signed up to foster, transport, and make home visits. One of the most memorable events was his first transport from Chicago because he witnessed the start of a new life for the dogs from Turkey. It compelled him to foster Heath, who came from Turkey.

“Koda became the perfect mentor for other fosters,” said Andy. “And as for Heath, he is now my foster failure and has stepped up to carry on the mentoring legacy of beloved Koda, who is now an angel in heaven.”