Other Volunteer Roles

Other volunteer roles

Below are examples of the many functions required to keep RAGOM running smoothly from day to day. So even if a role isn't formally listed on the Volunteer Openings page, email volunteerinfoatragom [dot] org if you're interested in helping RAGOM with these or any other roles.


Our events team is always looking for coordinators to help organize RAGOM "meet and greets" to increase awareness of RAGOM and provide potential adopters the opportunity to meet our dogs. These are frequently held at local pet stores, fairs, and festivals. Other events include Goldzilla, our annual fun fair and Walk for Rescue.


These volunteers assist in major fundraisers, such as Goldzilla and our annual Walk for Rescue, to line up sponsors, auction items, and prizes. We also need volunteers to contact individuals and companies for donations and sponsorships. As we grow and establish new fundraising efforts, we need people to organize and manage these major events.

Grant Writing

RAGOM grant writing volunteers help identify potential corporate and private grant makers, write grants, and help solicit major donors.

Volunteer Support

Volunteer support team members welcome our new volunteers and familiarize them with RAGOM, our mission, and our policies. The team also plans and implements events dedicated to volunteer appreciation with the goal of maintaining a happy and cohesive volunteer culture.

Dogs in Boarding Visits

Some RAGOM dogs are housed temporarily in boarding facilities until we find an appropriate foster home. We need volunteers with basic obedience knowledge to visit these dogs to help exercise and train them and to ensure good socialization skills.

Rescue Email and Voicemail

This team answers emails and returns phone calls from the general public posing a wide variety of questions about the RAGOM organization and our dogs. These volunteers need good communication skills and a willingness to learn about our organization.

Content Development

We need volunteers looking to stretch their writing muscle to create content for the RAGOM website, event materials, and fundraising efforts. These volunteers develop content ideas, as well as write assigned content, to inform the public and our volunteers about RAGOM. This requires solid writing experience and a desire to research content topics.

These are a sample of the many ways volunteers support RAGOM. Review our volunteer openings for roles we currently need to fill. If you don't see an opening that fits your skills, but you would like to volunteer, email volunteeratragom [dot] org or complete a Volunteer Application—we're always looking for dedicated team members!

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