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Donors, volunteers, fosters, and partners are all crucial to RAGOM’s mission

The RAGOM community has been ecstatic with the KARE11 feature about RAGOM International Outreach (RIO) efforts in China.

Since the story aired in late May, media outlets across the U.S. have picked up and shared the story. A recent feature also highlighted RAGOM’s efforts to rescue dogs from China’s illegal dog meat trade.

RAGOM is extremely grateful for the media awareness around these rescue efforts, led by RAGOM’s marketing and public relations partner, Evans Larson, a Minneapolis-based strategic marketing agency.

“Mama’s story has touched so many lives, both in the ‘RAGOM Village’ as well as dog lovers around the world. We’re so grateful to our dedicated volunteers and donors that make this rewarding work possible,” remarked Patty Larson, Director of Operations.

The support of donors, volunteers, and foster families are the lifeblood of RAGOM’s ability to grow and thrive—and rescue more Goldens in need.

Our capacity to rescue dogs is directly dependent on the number of available foster homes. We continually need ​​new foster homes, even those that can accommodate only one or two dogs per year or temporary foster care.

Interested in fostering? Learn more about Foster Care.