RAGOM Needs Foster Homes to Sustain Our Rescue Efforts

RAGOM Needs Foster Homes to Sustain Our Rescue Efforts

Difficult beginnings—then a second chance

While some RAGOM dogs come from loving homes, that due to unforeseen circumstances must surrender their Golden, most come from challenging situations.

A growing number of our Goldens are former commercial breeder dogs. Others come from animal hoarding situations. They may have lived on the street or been abused, neglected, or over-bred. They may be under-socialized and lack training, and many have never seen a vet.

What do these dogs need?

Many of these dogs need foster homes with another confident, medium- to large-sized dog to act as a mentor. All of them need love, patience, training, and sometimes the expertise of behaviorists. Our RAGOM fosters step up every day to prepare these dogs for their new Golden life. Learn more about becoming a RAGOM foster home.

What help do foster homes receive?

RAGOM supports a network of foster volunteers who provide homes to this rapidly growing group of Goldens. But we don’t have enough foster homes to meet the need!

Our foster parents aren’t alone in working through challenges. While a dog is in foster care RAGOM provides veterinary care, transportation, mentoring, and other services to help our foster families provide safe and loving homes to these special dogs.

Learn more about becoming a RAGOM foster

Give a great dog a second chance. Learn more about becoming a RAGOM foster.