Remembering a Legendary RAGOM Adopter and Volunteer

Remembering a Legendary RAGOM Adopter and Volunteer

We were saddened to learn of the passing of Rosemarie de Ruiter, one of RAGOM’s most passionate advocates. Rosemarie and her husband Jan joined the RAGOM family in the early 2000’s as adopters, and they became volunteers in 2006, serving on the transport and home visit teams.

When asked, Rosemarie could provide the names of all 146 dogs she and Jan transported, where the dogs came from, and where the dogs were heading. Rosemarie and Jan took notes about every transport as well as photos of every dog. Over the years, this dynamic duo logged countless miles and braved the harshest Midwestern weather to transport dogs to safety in an area where RAGOM had few volunteers.

If you were a RAGOM foster volunteer, you could count on Rosemarie’s comprehensive home visit notes to provide an accurate picture of the families she interviewed and be assured that you had the information needed to make a successful match.

Rosemarie had a soft spot in her heart for senior rescues and was proudly owned by seven RAGOM dogs: Max 02-286, Bailey 03-02-063, Riley 07-320, Dorus (the Dutch-speaking dog) 07-314, Harley 08-195, Bonkers 10-217, and Charlie 12-283. We were blessed with Rosemarie’s frequent updates of these sweethearts so fortunate to call themselves de Ruiters.

Not only was Rosemarie dedicated to RAGOM, she and Jan and several of their dogs were regular P.E.T.P.A.L.S. visitors to schools, nursing homes, and programs helping developmentally disabled children and adults.

What a profound honor to have someone with a heart as big as Rosemarie’s be a member of our RAGOM family! All of us who knew her will remember her colorful character, her simple honesty, her fierce loyalty, her resolute passion for dogs, and most of all, the selflessness with which she devoted herself to her volunteer work.

You are a true legend in RAGOM’s eyes, dear Rosemarie. We are eternally grateful for your contribution and have no doubt you were warmly greeted at the Rainbow Bridge by Max, Bailey, Riley, Dorus, Harley, Bonkers, and all of the other RAGOM dogs there, many of whom you so happily helped.