We Did It!

We Did It!

Our Chinese rescue mission is complete!

Chinese rescue mission

Earlier this year we asked for your help. Led by RAGOM and China Rescue Dogs, a team of 10 American rescue groups and several rescuers in China partnered together with a goal of rescuing 99 dogs in desperate need of help. When Covid-19 broke out in China, there was misinformation about dogs spreading the virus. As a result, many dogs were abandoned by their owners or confiscated by local authorities. There were already thousands of homeless dogs throughout the country whose only hope was international rescue. When air travel stopped, their chance at rescue was dismal. At best, the dogs would live in cramped shelter conditions, likely for years. At worst, they would be stolen and sold for meat.

Working together, we found a way, against all odds, to procure a private charter plane to transport the dogs to America. You helped us raise the needed funds, and we secured a very complicated list of permissions and permits.

Everything was set.

And then – the day before our plane was to leave – everything fell apart.

Due to a paperwork problem with an unrelated flight, the Chinese government canceled our flight permission. We were deeply saddened but still determined to rescue the dogs, so we went back to the drawing board.


Working with agents in China, we secured permission to fly the dogs in climate-controlled cargo planes a few at a time. The process was extremely challenging and presented a whole new set of logistical obstacles. But we found a way. Over the last few months, the dogs have been slowly arriving, and on Monday, the last group of dogs safely arrived.

Rescue Dogs From China

Rescue Dogs From China

Many of the dogs are underweight and malnourished. All are starved for attention. But they are here, and they are safe, and their new lives are beginning. In the end, we were able to rescue 102 dogs. Each of our team of rescue groups took some of the dogs into their care and many have already been adopted.

Thank you. You believed in us, you encouraged us, and you supported us, even when the challenges seemed insurmountable. Together, we have changed the lives of 102 special souls.

Doug Dou Dou