Would you consider adopting a senior dog?

Would you consider adopting a senior dog?

While our young dogs have an overwhelming amount of applicants, it’s our senior dogs that can be continuously overlooked.

For example, our mini-Doodle puppy, Sage, had over 15 applicants in about 12 hours and DouDou, a one year old Golden Retriever, had 14 applicants in less than 12 hours. There were so many wonderful people who wanted to make Sage and DouDou a part of their families, but unfortunately only one family can be chosen, even though so many more families are deserving. It’s very disappointing not to be chosen and that’s a feeling our senior dogs experience too.

Would your family consider adopting a senior dog? In 2019, Ragom had 28 senior dogs (age eight and older) in our care and so far in 2020, we have had 15 seniors in our care. While puppies are wonderful in so many ways, the same can be said for senior dogs. Senior dogs have so much love to give. Seniors require less activity than younger dogs, are house trained, are calmer (and love to lay on the couch and snuggle or sleep) and are so grateful to be a part of the family.

See below for a few of our wonderful senior dogs that are available for adoption. Could your home be their forever home?


Princess and Buck (Bonded Pair)
Princess – https://ragom.org/dogs/princess-20-188/
Buck – https://ragom.org/dogs/buck-20-187/


RAGOM Goldendoodle training after adoption
KC (Casey)