Ava’s Puppies Increase Oklahoma Rescue Total to 23 Dogs

Ava’s Puppies Increase Oklahoma Rescue Total to 23 Dogs

Ten puppies born in RAGOM’s care bring Oklahoma total to 23 dogs

Ava 19-026 came into RAGOM’s care when her owner realized that his 13 dogs were just too much for him. He cared deeply for his dogs, but because they were not spayed or neutered, their numbers grew until he was no longer able to care for them. He lovingly surrendered all of his dogs to a group in Oklahoma who then contacted RAGOM.

Shortly after entering RAGOM’s care, Ava’s foster mom noticed some changes in Ava’s behavior and appearance. Surprise!—Ava was pregnant. She gave birth to 10 mixed breed puppies on March 25, 2019. We’ve often been asked, “What are they mixed with?” That seems to be the million dollar question and we just can’t be certain.

Ava puppies

Possible daddies are the four males who were rescued with the Oklahoma group: Benny 19-021, Sooner 19-025, Loki (Landon) 19-027, and Cooper 19-028. With four intact males in the home, one or more of them could be the father (one litter can have multiple dads), or possibly a neighbor dog. Look at the puppies and take a guess!

What we do know is that they are growing like little weeds and getting sweeter and cuter by the minute. A very curious bunch from the start, they were able to climb out of their whelping pool at 2 weeks old. So foster mom and dad moved them to a plastic kiddie pool with higher walls to better contain them.

That lasted a week. Then they positioned a board about 1½ feet high across the entrance to the crate. That lasted less than a week and over they went. At that point foster mom improvised by weaving cardboard through the slats of the pen and used duct tape and a wire shelf from her freezer—quite a “MacGyver” setup—but it has since kept them safe.

Ava puppies

Ava’s rambunctious brood includes: Chester 19-070, Wanda 19-071, Leroy 19-072, Betty 19-073, Murray 19-074, Harriet 19-075, Frank 19-076, Edith 19-077, Earl 19-078, Erwin 19-079.

If you have considered adopting a puppy—and all the fun, energy, work, and patience that entails—please visit our Adoptable Dogs page to determine which puppies are still taking applications!

Ava will be available for adoption once her puppies have moved to their adoptive homes. According to her foster mom, “If you are the lucky person to win her affection, she is totally devoted to you. She’s all in to be your sidekick or snuggle up on the couch or under the desk while you work.” 

Golden Retriever rescue dogs RAGOM

Ava walks nicely on a leash and she is very smart! She is housebroken, has free reign, and shows no tendencies to chew or get into things she shouldn’t. “Although she probably had a rough start in life, she’s ready for a home of her own where she will be treated like a princess.”

Follow Ava’s updates and watch for her status to change to “Adopt Me.”

Although RAGOM will find forever homes for these adorable puppies, we cannot overstate the importance of spaying and neutering your dogs. Most shelters and rescues are overwhelmed with animals. Spay and neuter programs are the only humane solution to pet overpopulation.