Become a Foster and Help the Many Dogs Waiting to Be Rescued

Become a Foster and Help the Many Dogs Waiting to Be Rescued

RAGOM is a foster-based organization, and our capacity to rescue dogs is directly dependent on the number of available foster homes. We continually need ​​new foster homes, even those that can accommodate only one or two dogs per year or temporary foster care.

As the face of Golden Retriever rescue changes we often have the opportunity to rescue large groups of dogs from commercial breeding facilities. Without our intervention, these dogs have no hope of experiencing life as a cherished family member. Through generous donations, we have the funds to rescue many of these dogs, but we first need foster homes for them.

Also, RAGOM is committed to continue its rescue efforts in Turkey, where thousands of Golden Retrievers are living in the streets, forests, and shelters. Every day they struggle to survive, and U.S. rescues are their only hope. RAGOM has a donor who is passionate about this effort, but we cannot bring these dogs to the U.S. until we have more foster homes.

In addition to the increase of multiple-dog rescues, RAGOM is being asked to help more and more dogs with special needs. Some of these dogs simply need to live in a home with no other pets or young children, some need medical care and rehabilitation, and some need behavioral training.

Learn more about fostering and complete our volunteer application. We will follow up with an interview and schedule a home visit. If your home is a fit, you will experience the joy of fostering and finding forever homes for our wonderful dogs! We provide training, mentors, and if needed, behavioral coaching.

Please talk to friends, co-workers, and family about fostering as well. With your help, more dogs can begin their journey to finding their forever homes.