She Had Birthed 96 Puppies, But Her Breeding Days Are Behind Her

She Had Birthed 96 Puppies, But Her Breeding Days Are Behind Her

Her breeding days are behind her!

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, RAGOM was able to rescue the 8-year-old girl featured in our January 28 post (see below) from the auction. Her name is now Lady Lily and her breeding days are over! 

We were able to rescue four other dogs as well. Joey, Greta, Tasha, and Elsa—a young pup with a mouth deformity—all joined Lady Lily on the freedom ride back to Minnesota.

We welcome donations to the Elisabeth M. Ljungkull fund, which is dedicated to the rescue of commercial breeding dogs. All donations to this fund will be used to rescue more dogs from their lives in commercial breeding operations.

Originally posted on Thursday, January 28, 2019

An 8-year-old Golden who has birthed 96 puppies in her lifetime will be up for sale at a commercial auction this weekend. We fear she’ll be sold to another commercial breeder and forced to continue breeding.

commercial auction

Other Golden Retrievers will also be auctioned off this weekend, with yet more being sold at additional auctions scheduled for February, March, and April.

We know we won’t be able to save them all. But we can save some.

With your donation we will travel to Missouri to rescue as many as we can. We hope to raise enough money to have the flexibility to attend upcoming auctions on short notice—in March, April, and later this year.

To support this effort, Friends of Flicka has provided a matching grant, designated for the Elisabeth M. Ljungkull Fund for breeder dogs. Every dollar raised—up to $25,000—will be matched, allowing us to help twice as many dogs.

Yogi, a rescued breeder dog, is welcomed by Jim Seidl, Co-Founder of Friends of Flicka.

It’s possible that we will leave empty-handed on Saturday, or with only a few dogs. The bidding at these auctions can get very competitive. Any funds not used this weekend will be designated to help other breeder dogs this year.

Volunteer Denise A. described her experience at an auction where RAGOM was present:

“To walk between the rows of makeshift kennel runs and know there was no way we could rescue all the dogs was heartbreaking. I concentrated on the dogs that spoke to me with their eyes… those whose eye contact seemed to ask me to help them, or who were so terrified they could not trust. I recorded their tag numbers and made a promise to them that we would get them out. And we did.”

We can help these dogs. But we need you.