Help Keep Blind Dog Caddy off the Streets

Help Keep Blind Dog Caddy off the Streets

RAGOM is working to rescue Caddy from Turkey

Imagine if you were a senior dog—and blind—trying to survive alone on the streets.

That almost happened to Caddy, a blind, 8-year-old Golden Retriever. Caddy has had a tough life. He spent an unknown amount of time in a Turkish shelter and then stayed with a local woman. But after she passed away, Caddy had nowhere to go. He surely would not survive if abandoned to the streets, the fate of many dogs in Turkey.

Fortunately, Caddy was taken in temporarily by our Turkish rescue friends. Now they are asking RAGOM to help find a forever family for Caddy in the United States.

Caddy is an incredibly sweet and mellow dog who seems relieved to have a warm, safe place to stay. Although he is blind, he lives his life to the fullest. We know if we can help Caddy get to America, we can find a permanent loving home for him.

RAGOM welcomes Goldens in need from the Upper Midwest, but we have the capacity to rescue even more dogs—like the many homeless Golden Retrievers in Turkey that desperately need our help.

If we raise sufficient funds, we can act quickly and bring Caddy to America. Foster homes are lined up and waiting for him and up to nine other abandoned Turkish Goldens.

With your support, we can keep Caddy and other dogs off the streets and help them live the Golden life.

Golden Retriever rescue dogs from RAGOM
Caddy is in temporary housing in Turkey, waiting for rescue to America.