Leo Gets a New Lease on Life and a Forever Home

Leo Gets a New Lease on Life and a Forever Home

The following article was first posted July 27, 2018, on the Friends of Flicka website and is reposted on ragom.org with their permission.

Last winter, Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest was contacted about 29 puppies in need of urgent rescue. With support from Friends of Flicka, they were able to quickly and successfully take each of the youngsters into their care.

It became immediately clear to the rescue team that nearly all of the puppies were extremely sick, suffering from kennel cough, giardia, pneumonia, coccidia, ear infections, and more. If their rescue had been even days later, many would not have survived.

Dog Leo

Leo (formerly Reuben 17-273) was one of the suffering puppies. Just 10 weeks old, he was underweight and had an infection, respiratory illness, and digestive issues.

Very sick and in need of 24/7 care, Leo was welcomed into a loving interim foster home. With world-class veterinary and foster care, he recovered from his illnesses and his digestive issues improved. He gained weight and began to grow and play.

His foster family gently introduced him to other dogs, children, and as many new things as they could, helping to ensure he would thrive in a new adoptive family.

Before long Leo was ready for adoption. While Leo was playful and social, he would likely have ongoing digestive issues, so he needed a family willing to deal with any further complications.

Soon, a wonderful family came along looking for a dog who needed a special home. They knew Leo had been a sickly puppy and were willing to deal with any lasting medical issues. They welcomed the young pup into their home and loving arms.

 In his new home Leo’s digestive issues continued until his adopters discovered a high quality food combination that proved to be a perfect match for him. Several months after Leo’s adoption, he grew from a tiny underweight puppy to a full-grown, very happy and content adult, with his joyful Golden personality fully revealed. 


Leo is a very smart, intuitive and curious Golden who quickly learns new words and skills. Now healthy, he has a playful spirit and always wants his family to share in the fun, bringing them toys and inviting them to play with him at every opportunity. He loves to be close by his family, even resting his head on adopter JoAnna’s feet while she washes dishes.

Once a very sick puppy, Leo will now live out his life as a loved member of his new and very wonderful family. His days are spent playing, chasing squirrels, going for walks, and snuggling with family members who lavish him with love.

“I can only imagine the conditions Leo first lived in, and I’m so grateful that Leo and the other puppies were rescued and given loving homes,” JoAnna said. “If not for Friends of Flicka and RAGOM he likely would have had even more serious health issues, or maybe not made it at all.”


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