RAGOM Announces Adoption Rate Increase

RAGOM Announces Adoption Rate Increase

The RAGOM Board of Directors recently voted to increase RAGOM’s adoption rates effective January 1, 2017.

The reasons for the increase are many. Our rates have not increased in almost five years. However, our average expenditure for dogs in our care has increased to approximately $625 per dog, driven by the increased medical and behavioral needs of the dogs who come to us, as well as increased general vet costs.

The new rate structure is as follows:

Under 24 months: $475
24 months to less than 9 years: $400
9 years and older: $175

Turkish Golden under 12 months: $800
Turkish Golden 12 months and older: $600

We will also begin offering refunds to adopters if they attend training courses with their new dog. Adopters will be eligible for a $25 refund for completing one training course and another $25 if they complete an advanced course.

While this increase is effective January 1, 2017, applicants who are currently working with fosters to adopt their dogs will pay the current adoption rate.