RAGOM Rescues Another Breeding Dog from Auction

RAGOM Rescues Another Breeding Dog from Auction

In March 2017, RAGOM raised money to rescue 18 Golden Retrievers being sold at a commercial breeding auction. You, our supporters, gave so generously that we raised more money than we needed to rescue these dogs, so we promised we’d go back for more as we learned of other breeder dogs in need of help.

In early May another auction was scheduled, and a pregnant Golden Retriever was being sold. Not even two years old, she’d given birth to a litter less than six months before. Without the intervention of a rescue organization, she would be sold to another commercial breeder where she would most likely live her life in a cage, being bred repeatedly.

Her life changed dramatically on May 6, when RAGOM successfully bid on her at auction. She was pregnant and likely to give birth any day. In an instant, her fate changed from breeding commodity to loved dog. We named her Patzy.

Patzy was terrified. After being purchased from the auction, RAGOM brought her to a Missouri veterinary clinic. Paralyzed with fear, she had to be carried into the clinic on a stretcher. Patzy was then transported to Minnesota and welcomed into a foster home, where she began to learn that humans can be kind. Patzy soon began to trust that she was safe and attached herself to her foster mom. She even began to shyly approach her foster mom for petting.

She discovered the comforts of soft beds, nourishing meals, and shelter, a welcome change for a pregnant mom-to-be.

Within a week of her rescue, she went into labor. Patzy did not want her foster mom out of her sight, so she stayed by her side, monitoring and caring for her, and doing everything possible to keep her comfortable. In addition to her meals, she enjoyed refreshing bowls of ice cream and was given back massages to ease her labor pains. Over the course of a long day, she gave birth to nine healthy puppies.

Your generosity made Patzy’s new life possible. Your support changed her fate in the blink of an eye. You bought her way out of the commercial breeding life. You bought her hope.

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