RAGOM Welcomes More Golden Retrievers from Turkey

RAGOM Welcomes More Golden Retrievers from Turkey

On April 28, 2017, generous RAGOM donors helped us change the lives of 17 wonderful dogs. After months of planning and preparing, we welcomed our newest RAGOM additions from the country of Turkey. The kindness and generosity of more than 100 people made this happen.

The dogs’ journey started across the world, where our Turkish friends arose early to transport the dogs to the airport and complete the necessary paperwork. The entire process takes several hours, and the dogs are required to be at the airport 12 hours before their flight. So Turkish volunteers took turns walking the dogs and ensuring they drank plenty of water.

Before their long flight from Turkey to Chicago, each dog is given a special necklace with an evil eye protector bead, which is believed to bring good luck and safety in their journey to America.

Twenty-five RAGOM volunteers anxiously awaited the dogs’ arrival at Chicago O’Hare airport. Upon landing the dogs received walks, food, water, and lots of affection. They were also given a chance to relax and recharge before being transported to Minnesota.

Upon arrival at the heated indoor space donated by SkyRidge Business Center, each dog received a bath and met their foster family. As these dogs settle into their foster homes, they learn the comforts of soft beds and steady meals, the joy of toys, and the security that comes from a safe and loving environment.

In the days that follow their arrival, the dogs receive a complete wellness check with a veterinarian. Their foster families patiently learn about the dog to determine the type of permanent home environment that will best suit the dog. Each dog is then posted to their very own page on the RAGOM website, where potential adopters can learn about the dog’s personality and what they need in their forever home.

It was not an easy journey, and it would not have been possible without RAGOM’s supporters, donors, volunteers, and friends. Countless moving pieces need to fall in place for a rescue this extensive to happen.

Our friends in Turkey rescued the dogs and ensured they were cared for before coming to America. Volunteers spent months organizing the logistics of flying the dogs internationally. They drove to Chicago, worked late bathing dogs, and opened their homes to foster care.

Supporters gave generously to make this rescue mission possible and sent kind words and encouragement. It takes a village—a RAGOM village—to change the lives of these deserving souls.

Follow our Turkish Dog rescue efforts on the RAGOM International Outreach (RIO) Facebook page.

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