RAGOM Rescues 18 Dogs from Commercial Breeding Auction

RAGOM Rescues 18 Dogs from Commercial Breeding Auction

In late February 2017, RAGOM learned of an impending commercial breeding auction in which ten Golden Retrievers would be sold. Among them were five breeding females and five males. The dogs ranged in age from just under one year to nearly eight years old.

These dogs were likely destined to be sold to other commercial breeders, where they would continue to live in kennels and cages while being repeatedly bred.

RAGOM needed to raise the necessary funds to travel to Missouri and bid on the dogs, with hopes of rescuing as many as possible. It was entirely possible that our volunteers would return empty handed or with only a few dogs. The bidding at these auctions can sometimes get very competitive, but it’s a risk we willingly take for the chance to save even a few dogs.

On March 4, 2017, RAGOM returned to Minnesota with 18 dogs, including the ten Golden Retrievers we hoped to rescue, as well as eight Goldendoodles.

So many people contributed to the success of this rescue mission. Volunteers organized the auction plan, secured equipment, drove to the auction, and signed up to help with the dogs’ intake. Families signed up to foster the dogs. SkyRidge Business Center donated the space needed to welcome the dogs into our care. Countless people donated funds so RAGOM, rather than another commercial breeder, could purchase these dogs.

This rescue would not have been possible without our devoted volunteers’ efforts and everyone who generously donates money. Thank you! And due to the outpouring of support, we raised more money than needed to bring these dogs into RAGOM. As promised, we have set aside the additional contributions and plan to rescue more dogs at upcoming auctions.