Ten Missouri Auction Dogs Begin a New Life with RAGOM

Ten Missouri Auction Dogs Begin a New Life with RAGOM

Saturday, October 21, was a very good day for nine Golden Retrievers and a Labradoodle when they left behind lives as breeding stock commodities and began their journey to becoming cherished family members. Denise Anderman and Scott Blomgren, two RAGOM volunteers, drove to Wheaton, Missouri, where they successfully rescued these dogs from an auction where they would have likely been sold to another breeding operation.

“Denise and Scott, you two rock! These dogs have no idea how awesome their lives are going to be,” said Nicole Stundzia, RAGOM volunteer.

Elisabeth 17-222A, pregnant and mother to 5-month-old Caramel 17-218A.

RAGOM has made a commitment to attend auctions and/or work directly with breeders to ensure that dogs considered no longer “of use” to a breeder come into our care. Please welcome the newest RAGOM pups:

Caramel 17-218A (5 months)
Autumn 17-219A (11 months)
Mae 17-220A (11 months)
Sally 17-221A (3 years)
Maggie 17-223A (7 years)
Abe 17-224A (5 months)
Anders 17-225A (5 months)
Dakota 17-226A (2 years)
Jessa 17-227A (5-month-old labradoodle who could not be left behind) 
Elisabeth 17-222A (4 years and pregnant!)

Yes, one of the Goldens is pregnant. “We had no idea she was pregnant. Luckily, the foster who had offered to care for her is very skilled and excited to have her,” said Patty Larson, Director of Operations.

Patty was particularly affected by Dakota 17-226A, a beautiful 2-year-old known previously as Auction #177. When the dogs arrived at RAGOM’s Minnetonka office, volunteers could not get Dakota to come out of his crate. While his previous life was not a good one, it was all he knew. He spent the night shaking in the garage with his foster mom beside him. She could not get him inside the house. Dakota refused to stand up or walk until the next morning when he finally stood and took his first steps as a “free dog.”

Dakota 17-226A
Dakota 17-226A is one of ten dogs recently rescued from an auction. His face shows the confusion and fear that most of these dogs exhibit.
Auction tents
Temporary tents and kennels are set up to house the auction.

Once again, RAGOM volunteers stepped up to provide loving foster homes for all of the dogs until they are placed in their forever homes. Terry L. Berens, RAGOM volunteer, stated, “This is such awesome news. I have tears of happiness for their new lives with our RAGOM village.”